PCP rifle - the leader among the varieties of airguns

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At the moment, the PCP rifle occupies a leading positionA place among varieties of pneumatic weapons. The compressed air in the balloon under the barrel, when fired, pushes the bullet and gives it an initial speed. The pressure in the tank reaches 200 atmospheres, but there are also more serious options (about 300). The number of shots from a weapon of this type depends directly on the volume of the filled balloon. During the shooting, the pre-pumped rifle has a rather weak recoil, which makes it possible to use optical sights without exposing them to the risk of permanent breakdowns.

pcp rifle

PCP rifle is popular because it hasa large number of advantages over conventional spring-piston pneumatic weapons. Higher power and increased range of fire are the main parameters that determine the choice. In addition, the main problem of the spring type is a strong return, which is practically absent on PCP models. Therefore, the use of pneumatics becomes more comfortable and safe.

Unfortunately, the PCP rifle has not onlypositive qualities, there are some disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks is the lack of autonomous operation of the weapon, for firing a constant source of compressed air is needed. With each bullet released, the canister is emptied, losing atmospheric pressure.

pcp rifles without a license

PCP rifle has a very complex design,therefore, the user must go to the service shop for any breakage, because servicing the weapon requires professional technical skills. But, despite the existing shortcomings, this type of pneumatic becomes more popular with fans of weapons every year. The first PCP sample appeared at the beginning of the XVIII century (it was used as a conventional weapon).

According to experts, PCP riflesthe highest accuracy among other varieties of pneumatics. The stationary barrel during shooting allows you to forget about the problems of cocking and deflecting the bullet from the chosen target. Among other things, it is possible to adjust the force of the shot, control is carried out using specially installed couplings. Due to the good pressure of the compressed air, the initial speed of the launch of the bullet allows to improve the range and power of the fire.

pcp rifle prices

PCP rifles without a license are sold in manyarms stores in the country. Formally, the law allows the use of pneumatics of this type, but there are certain limitations. The caliber and power of the weapon are taken into account. If the norms are exceeded, the acquisition of a license for the use of weapons becomes an obligatory process. Therefore, it is worthwhile to study in advance the technical characteristics of the selected rifle and only after that carry out the desired purchase.

In the market of pneumatic weapons there ismany PCP rifle models. Prices depend on the type and technical characteristics. One can say for sure that you are unlikely to be able to find a weapon for less than a thousand dollars. In addition to conventional guns, there are pistols and machine guns, which are fired from a compressed air tank.

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