We choose a box for winter fishing.

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The uninitiated man probably feels thatthe equipment of the fishermen is quite simple and unpretentious. But this is a very profound error. Along with the drill, fishing rods and baits a special place is occupied by a fishing box for winter fishing. This essential accessory has so many important functions. Firstly, many drawer models allow the fisherman to use them as seating. Secondly, it accurately stores all the accessories - from hooks and scaffolds to scoops and thermos. Well, in the third, fishing boxes for winter fishing are very versatile and useful in many life situations. For example, with their help you can block the hole from the wind.

winter fishing box
Currently, the fishing marketaccessories and equipment offers the widest choice of boxes of various options. They differ from each other in weight, strength, functionality and internal equipment. But the most important criterion in the choice is, of course, the material of manufacture. The cheapest option is a box for winter fishing, made of wood (plywood). Almost in all models the lid is made by a separate case for balalaikas and other fishing rods. There are also several departments for small items. Unfortunately, this box has a lot of negative moments. The most important is the fact that when it comes into contact with water it swells quickly and strongly and is deformed. When freezing, wet plywood breaks. It can also be noted that the weight of such a box is quite large. In addition, it absorbs and permanently retains all unpleasant odors.

fishing boxes for winter fishing
Very popular among amateur anglers boxfor winter fishing from duralumin. It is also budget, durable and reliable. Such material is not afraid of blows or falls, it perfectly protects all the accessories stored in it. But at it, as well as at a plywood box, weight of lacks. Let's start with the fact that it is susceptible to corrosion and it quickly forms rust. Another unpleasant moment is that the fish thrown to its bottom without a pre-bedded cellophane bag, is solidly freezing in a very short time. Metal boxes with rare exceptions do not have bays for fishing rods, thermoses and other small items, as a rule, they are equipped with only one partition. They are very heavy, and when walking they also ring no worse than metal ratchets.

fishing box for winter fishing
On a class above there is a box for winter fishing,made of durable foam. Of course, you can immediately guess that its main advantage is the low weight. But this moment has a negative side. This type of box can not stand even average gusts of wind, it easily turns over and slides on the ice. It is sealed, water does not leak. The interior finish of the foam box will please any fisherman, he simply abounds with additional sections for fishing rods, food and thermos, fishing accessories and even for caught fish. He also has minor disadvantages. He is afraid of blows. All its attachments must be securely glued.

The highest quality for today is acceptedConsider a plastic box for winter fishing. He has many special departments and manned boxes for small things. There are separate boxes for fishing rods and catch. The design is very sturdy and reliable, the seat is warm. Of course, they are worth a lot, but the service life and comfort in use fully fill this gap.

When buying a fishing box, pay attention to the manufacturer, it is better to give preference to domestic or European companies.

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