Pneumatic rifle for hunting - how to make the right choice

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Among the amateurs, and even the professionals, at present the increasing interest is caused by a variety of weapons, including an air rifle for hunting game and the beast.

air rifle for hunting

On the possibility of using air riflesto a significant extent, the economic component, which allows to sharply reduce the cost of shooting, in comparison with conventional firearms. Also positive moments are the practically absent impulse of recoil, low noise, excellent characteristics in accuracy and accuracy.

Proponents of conventional weapons at the same timeUnsuitable use of air rifle against large hunting targets. However, when comparing the possibilities of using weapons against small and medium game, as well as a small animal, no one responds badly, confirming the advantage of air rifles.

Huge selection of pneumatic trunksis represented by various online stores. Fans of shooting and seasoned hunters can choose the sample they are interested in. Annotations detail the combat and operational characteristics, which allows you to compare the proposed options. The selected air rifle for hunting or entertainment will be delivered by courier service fast enough, the deadlines depend only on the place of residence.

In the absence of trust in Internet opportunities,or considering the best way to personal choice, you should visit weapons stores. In a good shop, the consultant-seller will select the best variant of the rifle on request and financial possibilities.

The best air rifle can beis chosen only on the basis of the conditions for which it is acquired. Pneumatic systems are classified in two main areas: the type of equipment and the caliber.

best air rifle

Classification according to calibers is carried out as follows:

4.5 mm ("child" caliber) - with a real shooting range of 50-60 meters;

5.5 mm ("papal" caliber) - with a real shooting range up to 70 meters;

6.35 mm ("grandfather's" caliber) - with a real range of shooting up to 80 meters;

9 mm - the most powerful rifle with a range of shooting up to 100 meters.

Classification by type of equipment is divided into:

spring-piston pneumatics (PPP), which include singly-charged trunks (of a breakable type, well known in conventional shooting ranges in parks);

multicompressive pneumatics (MKP) are trunks that require the rocking of an element of a weapon (as a rule, the rifle part of the forearm), which creates pressure on one shot;

pre-injected pneumatics (PCP, which is due to the English-speaking abbreviation PCP) - using internal storage (cylinders) with compressed air.

An air rifle can be manufacturedwith their own hands, however, this requires good equipment, great knowledge of the theory and rules of shooting, knowledge of the mechanisms of individual small arms. But even if all these conditions are met, there is no guarantee that the created sample will meet the accuracy and accuracy requirements, as well as the safety of the application.

air rifle with own hands

In any case, an air rifle for huntingon small game it is used shooting in the body of the target, as the distance and small overall dimensions will not provide the necessary accuracy. In addition, the use of 9 mm rifles for this purpose is not recommended, since a large wound channel will reduce all results of such hunting to zero.

When hunting larger game (goose, capercaillie, black grouse), as well as the beast (hare, fox, marmot, beaver, etc.), shooting in the head area is more preferable, allowing to hit the target reliably.

On the arms markets of the CIS countries,pneumatic rifle for hunting, is offered by the leading companies: Diana, Weihrauh, Air Arms - in the top-of-the-range options; "Norica", "Gamo", "Crosman", "Stoeger" - budget options.

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