Boats "Gladiator": reviews of owners, characteristics

Sport and fitness

Going on fishing, many lovers of this speciesrest give preference to fishing from the boat. At the same time it is possible to get really terrific trophies. To rest on the nature was successful, the choice of the boat, as well as all the gear, you need to pay special attention.

Boats Gladiator have been used by fishermen for a long time. During this time they managed to gain a certain reputation. The choice of models is quite large. Therefore, everyone can choose the best type of transport for themselves. Feedback from users will help to understand this issue.

general characteristics

Boats Gladiator produces a domestic company DV Extreme. The main production facilities are in China. Here boats are made of PVC. High-quality components that are used in the manufacture of similar products are shipped from the plant in South Korea. Cheap labor and high-quality components allow the company to produce competitive products.

Gladiator Boats

Due to its approach to the creation of boats and their components, the company DV Extreme provides a fairly long guarantee for the materials and components used, as well as sizing.

A wide range of products distinguishes products, allowing each lover of fishing to choose the best option for themselves.

Variety of boats

In addition to a large selection of colors and dimensions of the presented products, they differ in the bundle. The equipment varies depending on the product series. Characteristics of the boats "Gladiator" are also determined by belonging to a particular group.

Boats Gladiator owners reviews

The manufacturer identified 3 groups of boats. This is a series of "Light", "Active" and "Professional". In the first case, the products are intended for close walks along the river with the help of oars. The PVC material used for these products has a thickness of 0.9 mm. Its density is 1100 g / m². The "Light" series is characterized by high quality suturing of the seams. Pajol is made of aluminum or plywood.

The "Active" series is intended for fishermen or hunters. The outboard motor can have a power of up to 40 liters. from. These boats have reinforced bottom, a privately-shaped beam and triangular coomens.

For difficult operating conditions, there wasa series of "Professional" was developed. The bottom has a protective coating. The thickness of the fabric is 1.2 mm. Its density is 1350 g / m². Depending on the model, you can install a motor with a capacity of up to 50 liters. from.

New developments

Relatively recently,lightweight inflatable boats "Gladiator" of the "Simpl" series. Their density of material is somewhat inferior to the previously considered varieties and is only 850 g / m². However, this is quite enough for the near swim in the river.

The whole series is characterized by a narrow form of cockpit. Due to this, the comfort in the presented models is somewhat reduced. But it's pretty lightweight products. In them, depending on the length of the boat can fit from 2 to 4 people.

Of the disadvantages of the series is the inconvenience of standing due to the special design of the floor.

Boat features Gladiator
Moving around the boat is also not easy. The manageability of such tools is low. Therefore, it is not recommended to swim on them. The subsequent series are more durable.

Boats of the "Light" series

The Light series is lightweight. It is used for rest and short swim in calm water. The model range is represented by products with plywood, aluminum panels, as well as a raised pressure floor.

Inflatable Boats Gladiator

Usually characterized by ease in combination with sufficient material density PVC boat "Gladiator", reviews owners confirm this. This gives the products reliability. Good quality of assembly is noted.

Among the shortcomings, insufficient controllability at high speeds was noted. Therefore it is better to use a low-power light motor for 5-9 liters. from.

These boats in the assembled form are very compact, they are easy to transport to the pond. The best in this series are the models with aluminum panels, as well as the "Eyrdek" type floor.

Boats of the Active series

The "Active" series was created specifically for carrying out mobile fishing. The thickness of the fabric is 1100 g / m². Such models have an inflatable keel and 3 chambers. Gladiator boats, owner reviews which are represented in different sources, have a mass of merit.

PVC Boat Gladiator reviews

First of all, a high degreereliability and durability of boats. Good build quality is also noted. Trenches allow you to install powerful motors. When buying, you can choose the type of carpet. The series "Active" is characterized by good controllability. Of the shortcomings, it should be noted a fairly large weight.

Experts recommend choosing an aluminum type. Comfort adds a thoughtful set of accessories that are included in the package. This is a good option for recreation or fishing.

Boats "Professional"

The "Professional" series is designed forprofessional fishermen, hunters or divers. The strength and reliability of these boats exceeds these figures for all other models that the manufacturer produces.

The density of the material in this series is 1350g / m², but the weight, depending on the length, is 57-114 kg. Boats "Gladiator" series "Professional" are very roomy and reliable. They are not afraid of snags, stones. At the bottom of the armor of good quality.

Boats Gladiator reviews

On the transom you can install the most powerful engines. But the weight of such boats is very large. Therefore, it is necessary to transport them to the reservoir using a trailer. Descent to the water is made by forces of 2-3 people. It is also necessary to use transom wheels.

But on the pond the owner of such a vehicle is not limited in any way. You can take a dog to the boat. Those who like can ride a water ski (when installing a motor for 30 hp).

Owner feedback

Gladiator boats, reviews which are easy to find, are characterized byusers positively. For close walks along the calm river the boats of the "Light" and "Simpl" series are quite suitable. Their disadvantage is poor controllability.

The models of the series "Active" and "Professional" are verydurable. Users note the quality of their assembly. The manageability of such models is good. But the weight of such vehicles is very large. Some users argue that models with plywood poyols are more expensive than similar boats of competing companies.

But in general, such products do not bring any trouble during the operation. Therefore, a sufficiently high cost corresponds to the declared quality.


Boats Gladiator at a cost fully consistent with their quality. The "Simple" series is one of the cheapest. Models of this group cost from 11 thousand rubles. The most expensive varieties can cost 25 thousand rubles.

The boats of the "Light" series are more durable, but they will have a higher price. Depending on the variety and size of such vehicles can be purchased for an amount of 33 to 50 thousand rubles.

The "Active" series, which is acquiredprofessional fishermen, more durable than the previous two groups of boats. Increased strength and comfort in management bring the presented vehicles to a higher level. The cost of these boats is 39-65 thousand rubles.

Models "Professional" are the most reliable, powerful. Their price corresponds to the quality and is at the level of 65-95 thousand rubles.

Having become acquainted with the presented varieties of products, everyone can choose the best option for themselves. Recreation on the pond, thanks to such boats, will be pleasant and unforgettable.

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