Kefir with ginger and cinnamon for weight loss - a drink of harmony

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In order to reduce the weight of women oftenexpose their body to a variety of experiments. It can be a hard diet or a refusal of food for a long time. However, cardinal changes in the dietary regime only negatively affect not only the physical, but also the mental state. But the planned introduction of unloading days and a light dinner is the right way to success. The basis of such innovations can be kefir with ginger and cinnamon for weight loss.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

yogurt cinnamon ginger pepper

Kefir is a product that normalizesdigestion, and is considered a safe base for the fat-burning cocktail. The natural product is fermented only by lactic acid bacteria, which can be read on the package. Other names of components that make up the beverage cast doubt on the 100% naturalness of the fermented milk product. In addition, it is important to remember that the most useful is one-or two-day kefir. Further, it loses its medicinal properties, as it accumulates carbon dioxide, which contributes to strengthening the stool. That, in turn, will adversely affect the process of weight loss. Therefore, for a positive result, it is preferable to choose the freshest and natural kefir. With ginger and cinnamon for weight loss things are somewhat easier. Naturally, the use of freshly prepared ginger is better, but in the dried form its effect is no less effective. Getting cinnamon in the form of a stick, and not a powder, you can easily avoid the possible dishonesty of producers who can include in the powdered cinnamon something else.

kefir with ginger and cinnamon for weight loss

Drink Recipes

Prepare yogurt with ginger and cinnamon forweight loss can be based on individual characteristics of the body, as well as taste preferences. The basic recipe includes: half a liter of kefir, a teaspoon of ginger and the same amount of cinnamon. The proportional ratio of spices and spices can vary and be supplemented. Kefir, cinnamon, ginger, pepper is a cocktail for lovers of pungency, and pepper plays the role of an auxiliary fat burning catalyst. If the taste of the drug does not seem very pleasant, then it is permissible to supplement it with a spoonful of honey, but it is not recommended to get particularly involved.

Principle of use

Use this miracle cocktail for weight loss(yogurt, ginger, cinnamon) can be either as a daily dinner, or as a main dish in the so-called unloading days. It is important to observe your own sensations and the reaction of the gastrointestinal tract to taking this drink.

for weight loss kefir ginger cinnamon
After all, all the ingredients that make up its composition,are quite aggressive. Therefore, people with high acidity of the stomach, he generally may not be suitable. Its reception can cause exacerbation of chronic diseases of the intestine and stomach due to possible irritant effects on the digestive system. In pursuit of harmony, it is worth remembering about health, and not about cherished parameters. After all, weight loss for the body is stress, and together with the disease, it can not only cause a decrease in weight loss, but also a rapid set of hated kilograms.

Lose weight wisely, for pleasure and for health, and yogurt with ginger and cinnamon for weight loss - to help!

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