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In pursuit of an ideal figure, many of usset the wrong priorities. In an effort to lose weight, men and women focus on nutrition, or rather, on its reduction. It is not necessary to say that hunger is not a way to lose weight, but, nevertheless, many people mistakenly continue "hunger strikes", living in the usual way. Each of us should know one simple rule: the struggle for the ideal figure is carried out from all sides, this is the correct separate food, and sport, and morale. But there is another important factor that affects the speed and effectiveness of losing weight - water. In the process of losing weight it is with water that all the extra kilograms go away, so you need to drink it a lot. If the normal water diet is 2-2.5 liters per day, without taking into account juices, cocktails and coffee, then sitting on a diet, you need to drink much more. It is water that takes with it all the slags, fats and toxins, rapidly removes them from the body, washing the internal organs, cleaning the skin and blood. Otherwise, if there is not enough water in the body, a person collects kilograms, and salts and toxins accumulate in the tissues.

Of course, in priority is a simple ormineral still water. But this is not the only drink that is effective in losing weight. What to drink to lose weight? Drinks for weight loss are green, mint, ginger tea, vegetable fresh juices, kefir, hydromel, honey drink, milk, kvass, dry red wine, oatmeal jelly. It is these drinks for weight loss that will give you ideal forms without harm to your health.

Water is the simplest means to promoteshedding excess weight. In the water there are no calories and fats. Water dulls the feeling of hunger, which is why nutritionists advise 20 minutes before a meal to drink a glass of water. If you regularly follow this recommendation, you will notice that you are eating at lunch or dinner much less. It also often happens that the body confuses the feeling of hunger and thirst, so first you should drink water, and then go to the table.

Green tea.For losing weight, green tea is incredibly effective. Toning drink removes toxins from the body, normalizes metabolism. If you like coffee or black tea, then it is better to refuse the diet for the time being. Green tea can easily replace your favorite drinks. The main thing is that you should drink tea without sugar or its substitutes. If you can not do without sweet, add a teaspoon of honey.

By the way, drink from honey with the addition of cinnamonAt all, no worse than green tea has a beneficial effect on the body. Honey and cinnamon accelerate the digestive processes, dull the feeling of hunger. Prepare a honey drink is very simple. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon pour boiling water and let it brew. After cooling, add a spoonful of honey and leave in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Drink a drink before breakfast. The main thing is to remember that honey can not be added to hot water, it will destroy its useful properties. It is better if the water is warm or cold.

Kefir - another drink, about beneficial propertieswhich everyone knows. Popular singer actively promotes kefir diets, forcing the public to buy up the whole stock of low-fat kefir in stores. Kefir normalizes the work of the stomach, is well absorbed and replaces both breakfast and dinner. Apply kefir diet should not be more than 2 days, otherwise you are waiting for bloating and digestive problems.

Slimming tea with ginger is also effective whendiets. Improving the metabolism, strengthening immunity, cleansing the body - this is the side effects of this drink. The recipe is simple: three tablespoons of grated ginger, two tablespoons of honey, a spoonful of lemon juice are poured with warm water. Drink a drink from ginger should be before eating.

Drinks for weight loss have about the same andthe same properties, so what to drink, choose only you. The main thing, remember that drinks for weight loss are not the basis of the diet. This is only related to the basic diet regime. Be attentive to yourself and your body.

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