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World sports stars very often becomethe subject of universal attention, since they possess such qualities as willpower, the pursuit of success and, of course, luck. The last component is mandatory, according to the record holder Sergei Bubka, who sometimes did not have enough. So, the champion participated in four Olympics, but won only one gold medal. However, the record of Sergei Bubka (6 m high), which the sportsman himself repeated many times, has not yet been beaten by anyone.

Personal life

Famous sportsman was born in the Ukrainian cityLugansk in 1963, on December, 4th. Parents Sergei Bubka by profession had no relation to sports. Father, Nazar Vasilievich, worked in the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union (ensign), and the mother of the champion, Valentina Mikhailovna, worked in a polyclinic. But his brother, Vasily, who is 3 years older than the champion, also engaged in pole vaulting and even took second place in 1986 at the European Championship. Sergei Bubka did not intend to beat his brother and in 1997 left professional sports.

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Sons of an outstanding champion chose tennis. However, Vitali (senior) is no longer participating in competitions. The nephew of the champion, Alexander, also chose the way of his uncle and father - pole vaulting. Sergei's wife, Lilia Fedorovna, also carries out her activities in the field of sports - she trains groups in the rhythmic gymnastics section.

Sergey Bubka's record

The great champion came into the sport at the age of 15. With jumps, he was introduced by a friend who showed him how the poles train. Perhaps intuition prompted Sergei that this is exactly what he should give all his energy and time. His coach was a talented athlete Petrov VA, who correctly calculated the potential of the future champion.

world record of Sergey Bubka
Sergei Bubka's first record was taken at the bar 5.7m in 1983 in the capital of Finland. It is noteworthy that this was the first all-time championship in athletics. Since that moment Sergey Bubka has planned a number of record jumps for several years (to 1997 inclusive) and won the title of six-time world champion in pole vaulting.

Interesting information

In addition to sports titles, he was awarded the title"Hero of Ukraine", and also became an honorary citizen of Lugansk and Donetsk, Sergei Bubka. The champion's record did not go unnoticed by foreign connoisseurs of sports achievements. So, in 2008 the Academy of World Sports "Laureus" awarded Sergey Nazarovich with the prize and the title of the best athlete on the globe among men. Also the champion received the award of the Prince of Asturias in Spain in 1991 and other awards from Belarus, Slovakia, Italy and other countries.

The world record of Sergei Bubka (35 jumps) wasis listed (as the most numerous) in the Guinness book. During the lifetime of the sportsman a monument was erected in Donetsk (1999). Now a talented record holder leads a successful business, under his leadership operates a bakery, a production company of office supplies, a number of shops and gas stations, and he has a stake in one of the largest financial organizations in Ukraine.

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