Electromagnetic Gauss Rifle

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At one time, such a device as a rifleGauss, has become very popular among science fiction writers and computer game developers. It is often used by unconquerable heroes of novels, and it is usually the most powerful weapon in computer games. However, in fact, the Gauss rifle has practically not been used in the modern world, and this is mainly due to the peculiarities of its design.

The Gauss Rifle
The rifle of Gauss with their trunks

The fact is that the basis for the action of such a rifle- principle of acceleration of mass on the basis of a running magnetic field. To do this, use a solenoid in which the rifle barrel is placed, and it must be made of a dielectric. The shells of the same Gauss rifle uses only those that are made of a ferromagnet. Thus, when a current is applied to a solenoid, a magnetic field appears in it, which attracts the projectile inside. In this case, the impulse should be very powerful and short-term (to "accelerate" the projectile to the maximum speed and do not brake it inside the solenoid).

This principle of action gives the model advantages,which are inaccessible to many other types of small arms. It does not require the presence of sleeves, it has a small impact, which is equal to the momentum of the projectile, it has a great potential for silent shooting (if there are enough streamlined projectiles, the initial velocity of which will not exceed the speed of sound). At the same time, such a rifle makes it possible to fire practically in any conditions (as they say, even in open space).

And, of course, many "craftsmen" appreciate that the Gauss rifle with their own hands at home can very well be collected virtually "out of nothing".

However, some design features andthe principles of action that are characteristic of such a product as the Gauss rifle have also negative aspects. The most important of them is a low efficiency, which uses from 1 to 10 percent of the energy transferred by the capacitor to the solenoid. At the same time, many attempts to correct this deficiency did not bring a significant result, but only increased the efficiency of the model to 27%. All the other shortcomings, which has a Gauss rifle, flow precisely from a small efficiency. The rifle requires a large amount of energy for efficient operation, it also has a cumbersome appearance, large dimensions and weight, and the recharging process is quite long.

It turns out that the shortcomings of such weapons asrifle Gauss, overlap most of its merits. Perhaps with the invention of superconductors, which can be classed as high-temperature, and the advent of compact and powerful power supplies, this weapon will again attract the attention of scientists and the military. Although most practitioners believe that by that time there will be other types of weapons that far exceed the Gauss rifle.

Gauss Rifle

The only application of this typeweapons, already profitable in our time, are space programs. The governments of most space powers planned to use the Gauss rifle for installation on space shuttles or satellites.

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