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Among the various sports games in Russia, considerableVolleyball is very popular. This is a team game with the ball, the essence of which is to hit the enemy with the blows of the hands. It is held in a sports hall with a synthetic or wooden covering, or in an open area covered with artificial grass, brick crumbs "tennis" or any other, not too hard materials. The playing field is divided by a grid, which is set at a certain height.

A bit of history

size of the volleyball court
At present, the size of the volleyball courttogether with the free zone are 24-34 m in length and 15-19 m in width. It depends on the area of ​​the gym. The playing field itself is 18 x 9 m. This value is approved by the International Volleyball Federation. However, it changed several times on the way to modern values. In 1897, the standard size of the volleyball court was 15.1 x 7.6 m. In 1912, this standard was changed, and the playing field became 18.2 x 10.6 m. Then, ten years later, this value changed again. The volleyball court was 18.2 m long and 9.1 m wide. And only in 1925, after the last changes, the size of the field came to the size that we are accustomed to see today.

standard sizes of a volleyball court

Playing field

The size of the volleyball court is notOnly a game, but also a free zone. In this case, the value of the last of them also has a certain value. The distance from the front lines should be 5-8 meters, and from the side lines 3-5 meters. The free space above the playing field should be equal to 12.5 meters. The playing surface itself is made horizontal, flat, monotonous and light. On open playing fields a slight slope for drainage (per 1 m 5 mm) is allowed.


It should be noted that the size of the volleyballsites - this is not the only thing that is set by certain standards. With no less severity should be approached to markup. All lines with a width of 5 cm should be light, but at the same time different from the color of the floor and any other markings. The playground is limited to two side and front lines, which are accounted for in the size of the field. The axis of the middle line between the side divides the playing space into two equal parts 9 x 9 m. It is held under the net and delineates the zones of the opponents. The attack line is applied on each part of the field behind the middle line, three meters from it.

Outdoor playing field

size of the volleyball court on the street
In the warm seasons, volleyball is often spent onopen air. The size of the volleyball court on the street is about the same as in the gym. The site itself is placed from north to south with a width of 14 m and a length of 23 m. The playing field remains standard - 9 x 18 m. On each side of the platform, outs are left (2.5 m wide). Wherever the middle line should run, dig in the poles at a distance of 5 m from the playing field. They are placed in the ground usually 1.5 meters, while 2.6 meters should remain above the ground. Two slots are made at the top of the poles. There blocks are inserted, the rope is skipped and the net is stretched. The surface of the site is covered with 10-15 centimeters of slag or crushed stone, and then with a 5-centimeter clay or earth layer. After all these preparations she will be ready for the game.

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