Fishing line for winter fishing and other items of equipment

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Talk about winter fishing in isolation from the equipment or equipment of the fisherman can not. Unfortunately, or fortunately, the days of quilted jackets and sheepskin coats, which the fishermen of the past tried to warm themselves, have passed.

Fishing line for winter fishing

Today, winter fishing on Lake Baikal differs littlefrom fishing in Ladoga in the sense of equipping the fisherman. Therefore, let's say a few words about the equipment, the most important element of which is a winter suit for fishing. It is a set of clothes that includes a warm overall and a hooded jacket. Depending on the manufacturer, various waterproof materials can be used to tailor the suit. Recently, materials based on polymeric membranes have become popular. This material allows you to remove excess heat from the body of the angler and perform unobtrusive ventilation.

Fishing boots have replaced the traditionalboots. At first glance, rubber is not the best replacement for felted felt. But thanks to the high adaptability of this product, the built-in ventilation systems and the use of new polymer insulation, fishing boots for winter fishing can cope with their most important function - saving the fisherman from the outside cold.

Caps and gloves for winter fishing - the topic of a separate conversation. Because they are subject to special requirements for convenience, ventilation, heat-shielding properties.

Introduce the fisherman in winter without a special boxalmost impossible. It stores fishing line for winter fishing, hooks, mormyshki, bait, part of the nozzle. In the end, the box serves to allow the angler to sit thoughtfully over the hole. This component of the equipment fishermen often make themselves, so that it corresponds to the individual requirements of a particular person. Some even put the fishing box on the skids.

winter fishing on Lake Baikal

The icebreaker (motor-car) is a complex equipment, and it is necessary to talk about it separately. Some anglers in order to make a special hole, generally still use an ax.

The most important element of the fisherman's outfit,of course, there will be a fishing tackle, which usually includes a fishing rod for winter fishing, a reel, a bait detector, a fishing line for winter fishing, a sinker, a hook or a mormik. This can also include some kind of spoon-bait.

The line for winter fishing - this elementequipment should attract the special attention of self-respecting angler. The fact is that for fishing in low-temperature conditions a number of additional requirements are put forward to the line. It must retain its properties and elasticity even in ice water. The softness and elasticity of the line should be at the height, because it is from these indicators that the success of the entire process depends. The main line for winter fishing, by definition, should be thinner than the summer version of the rigging. Fisherman is almost above the fish. And this fact makes the fish more suspicious. For winter fishing, the most commonly chosen are fluorine-carbonate lines up to Ø 12 mm thick.

winter clothes for fishing

Winter fishing is considered to be not an occupationsimple, passing in some kind of extreme conditions, so it requires a particularly high-quality pre-training. And fishing gear during fishing is one of the components of its overall success.

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