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Production of boats "Kasatka" is engaged inthe Russian company Poseidon. For today in shops many models with motors which are made of PVC, rubber and plastic are presented. They are quite different in power. Cockpit, as a rule, is set to 2000 mm. Cylinders are used in various diameters.

There can be three or four compartments directly. In the assembly, the plastic boat "Kasatka" weighs in average about 50 kg. It will cost around 50 thousand rubles. In order to understand this issue in more detail, it is necessary to consider the main types of boats.

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Types of boats

Manufactured boats of this company from rubber, PVCand plastic. Also, the boats are divided according to the engine power. For today the company represents models on 10, 12 and 15 hp. They are also divided according to the type of deadwood. There are devices with a lock and without it. The density of material models are different. On average, this indicator fluctuates around 1000 g per square meter. meter. Pallets for models are available with a heater, as well as without it.

Models of 10 hp

Models of 10 liters.with the company manufactures with various cockpits. In this case, the width of the boats is on the average 1500 mm. Cylinders have two models directly. Their diameter is on average 430 mm. Sealed compartments in the device provided four. The rubber boat "Kasatka" weighs 10 hp. in the area of ​​45 kg. Pushers for models are used conventional. Some modifications are equipped with a clamp for convenience. If we talk about the motor in these configurations, then attention should be paid to quality fuel pumps. The starters are set good, and the retainers in all models are available.

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Boats for 12 hp

Boats for 12 hp Available with different material densities. In this case, the height of the transom does not exceed 390 mm. In this case, the cockpit is an average of 1500 mm. The diameter of the cylinder, in turn, is 450 mm. If we talk about the parameters of the engines, the fuel pumps of the models are available on two valves. Holders in the devices are installed standard. If you believe the reviews of customers, then the angle of attack angle is provided for them. In this case, deadwood can be adjusted if necessary.

Models of 15 hp

Modifications of 15 hp Are made with a cockpit on 1600 mm. In this case, the height of the transom is 340 mm on average. Cylinders, in turn, are used with a diameter of about 430 mm. If you believe the reviews of buyers, the density of the material is quite high. Dedwoods in all configurations the user is able to adjust. If necessary, you can pick up a boat with an anticavitic plate. The rods in the devices are of different diameters.

Model "Kasatka 335"

The length of the boat presented is 3,350 mm. Directly the density of the material is 1100 g per square meter. meter. The transom height of the model reaches 395 mm. The length of the cockpit is only 2300 mm. There are two cylinders in the model, and their diameter is 430 mm. The maximum load-carrying capacity of the model does not exceed 450 kg. Four people can fit into the presented boat. There is a model on the market of 43 thousand rubles.

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Opinion about "Whale Killer 335"

These boats "Kasatka" reviews from buyersget good. First of all, they are appreciated for their spaciousness. In this case, the pallet is used rather sturdy. Also, experts note the high quality of the valves. For fishing and recreation, this boat "Kasatka" fits perfectly.

In the kit there are quality oars and oarlocks. The flooring in this case is rather hard. The pump is standard in the standard set. For convenient transportation of the boat, a bag is provided. Also, many people appreciate the model for a reasonable price for the goods.

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Motor boat "Kasatka 365" is produced fromlength of exactly 340 mm. In this case, the cockpit is available at 2300 mm. The width of the model itself is equal to 1510 mm. There are two cylinders in the structure, and their diameter is 430 mm. Sealed compartments at the boat provided four. The load rating of the model is 450 g. The assembly weighs exactly 51 kg. If we talk about the trench, then in this case it is available at 390 mm. The boat is worth about 55 thousand rubles.

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What do they say about "Whale 365"?

This PVC boat "Kasatka" reviews from ownershas good. First of all, this is due to the high load capacity parameter. She keeps four people perfectly. It is also important to note the high density of the material, which is 1100 g per square. meter. In this case, the bottom is provided with a seal. The engine itself is set to 10 hp. Dadewood is easily regulated by him.

If you believe the opinion of buyers, the fuelthe system is quite good. The propeller shaft allows to develop the maximum speed very quickly. Reducer at the boat is located at the very bottom. In the rocker there are three valves, the model has a thermostat. Directly the connector at the boat is installed. Also, many owners were pleased with the quality of the retainer. For fishing, this model is suitable.

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Description of the model "Kasatka 385 Sport"

If you believe the documentation for the boat, then the length of itis 3250 mm, and the width is as much as 1560 mm. The transom height of the model reaches 380 mm. Cockpit is provided with a length of exactly 2300 mm. In total, the model has two cylinders with a diameter of 720 mm. Sealed compartments are provided for three. If we talk about the carrying capacity, then this parameter is at the level of 450 kg. In turn, the power of the engine reaches 12 hp. Anticavitational plate for this model is provided.

The reducer in this case is located underpusher. The bottom of this model is available with a seal. The rocker is mounted at the boat on three valves. There is an adjusting clamp. At the same time, the rod can be put on the retainer for convenience if desired. It is worth the specified boat "Kasatka" in the region of 48 thousand rubles.

Consumer feedback on the model "Kasatka 385 Sport"

Many owners praise this boat for qualityengine. However, it has other advantages. First of all, this is an excellent pallet. In this case, the seal is installed between the cylinders. Directly the density of the material reaches 1200 g per square meter. meter. The boat is capable of transporting four people. If we talk about the engine, the attention deserves a quality deadwood. He can serve for a long time. The latch retainer is available for the model. Also, owners were pleased with the rugged gearbox body.

Overview of the model "Kasatka 385 Marine"

This boat "Kasatka" length is 3300 mm. If we talk about the mass, then in assembled form it equals 52 kg. Directly the density of the material reaches 1200 g per square meter. meter. The pallet in the presented model is used without a sealant. The maximum power of the engine is 15 hp. The capacity of this model is four people. Carrying capacity - 450 kg. Total hermetic compartments in the configuration provided for three.

There are two cylinders in the model, and their diameteris equal to 430 mm. Cockpit manufacturer is provided with a width of 710 and a length of 2300 mm. If we talk about the engine, then the deadwood in this model is installed in an adjustable type. Directly the rocker is mounted on three valves. The latch is located at the boat. Also for adjusting the position of the connector is a tiller. There is a model on the market of about 55 thousand rubles.

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Reviews of the model "Kasatka 385 Marine"

Boat "Kasatka 385" reviews from consumers inmostly deserves good. First of all, the model is valued for a quality pallet. Despite the absence of a seal, the material is able to withstand large loads. Engine power in 15 hp allows you to travel long distances. Cylinders in the model are designed for a high load-carrying capacity.

If you believe the reviews of buyers, then the starter of herused rather high-quality. Directly the camshaft is used standard, but problems with it are rare. Operated boat without any problems. In this case, the height of the transom is as much as 390 mm. The pushers are not provided in the presented configuration. However, the reverse lock for the engine is provided.

Also worthy of attention is an excellent reducer. Anticavitation plate in the presented boat is available. If desired, the position of the deadwood can be adjusted. For fishing and just resting this boat "Kasatka" fits perfectly.

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