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So tired of sitting on a strict diet, limitingyourself in using your favorite dishes. I want something sweet and tasty, at last, but such that not to grow stout, and grow thin at the same time. It turns out that there is such an appetizing diet that will help quickly lose a couple of extra pounds. Observe it for a long time will not have to, it is calculated for 3 days. This is a watermelon diet. Its menu is given in this article.

A few words about the useful properties of watermelon

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A juicy ripe pulp of a fragrant watermelon ... What canbe better for quenching thirst and hunger on a hot summer day? This berry is a real storehouse of nutrients. It has a lot of magnesium, which is important for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Also in watermelon, a lot of folic acid, which helps to normalize the metabolism, and this is the key moment to accelerate the process of losing weight. Watermelon removes excess fluid from the body, along with which toxins and toxins leave. And this is very important for controlling body weight. In addition, it is known that this berry is very low-calorie. All this has made it one of the most sought after products for a different kind of diets. Of course, there are contraindications for their compliance. They will be described below.

Watermelon diet menu number 1

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The first option is the use of only onetype of products. In our case it is a watermelon. Calculate how much it will be required, based on the following formula: 1 kg of the product for every 10 kg of your weight. The resulting amount of pulp is divided into 5 or 6 receptions and consumed during the day. You can not eat anything else. You can only drink plain water or a weak green tea. Observe this diet can be no more than three days. Otherwise it can be dangerous to health. And now the question: "How many kilograms will help lose this watermelon diet (3 days)?" Reviews of women about it show that you can lose weight with it and in this short time. The average weight loss is 2-5 kg.

Watermelon diet menu number 2

watermelon diet 3 days reviews

The second option is designed for 10 days of use.In addition to watermelon, several slices of rye bread are allowed (preferably from coarse flour or bran). This product gives a feeling of satiety. Therefore, to comply with such a diet will be somewhat easier. Kilograms 4-5 will help to lose this watermelon diet. Its menu is as follows: the amount of pulp of a miracle-berry is the same as in the first case. Just add on a slice of black bread for breakfast and lunch.


Do not use such diets for people with edema, as well as for diabetics. Those who are prone to frequent bloating, is also not recommended to lose weight by this method.

Thus, we have examined what it consists ofwatermelon diet. Photos of women before and after her speak in favor of its effectiveness. It's worth trying. After all, it's tasty, and cheap, and useful. Just remember that you need to buy watermelons in the period when our domestic miracle-berries appear on the market. Their imported counterparts can easily be poisoned. Enjoy ripe watermelons and lose weight!

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