Boats with low pressure inflatable bottom: how to choose the best model?

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If you pay attention to the ponds in the midstseason, you can see that rubber versions of boats are much more common than classic ones. At the same time, many believe that boats with low pressure inflatable bottom are quite difficult to operate and require special handling and pumping. The main characteristics, including the carrying capacity and the speed of both options, are at an equally decent level. Also worth noting the possibility of adding a more powerful engine.

boats with low pressure inflatable bottom

What you need to know

In order to assemble a boat with boards,enough half an hour. A little more time is needed to clean and parse the structure after operation. Here, the low pressure inflatable bottom has a noticeable advantage - it takes much less time for all the work. But for such an option it is necessary to purchase an electric pump, since swapping by hand is not the best exercise.

Airdeck begins to bend when exceedingload and a speed mark of 30 km / h, this reduces the performance. It is not recommended to use four-stroke motors and exceed the engine power limit. The bottom of such boats differs enough rigidity, allowing to stand confidently on it. Naturally, any variants made of rubber should be covered with a light material, for example carpet, to reduce exposure to sunlight, falling knives and other sharp objects.

Rubber boats with low pressure inflatable bottomin most cases it is impossible to repair. That is, if even a few connections connecting the bottom and top parts are broken at the bottom, it will lose shape. And this is in view of the fact that this part is integral and can not be replaced, as, for example, airk, instead of which it is often used pionol from aluminum or plywood. Do not forget about this property and leave the swimming facility on the deck or the shore.

boats with inflatable bottom low pressure flagship


Boats with an inflatable bottom of low pressure "Flagship"are characterized by imperceptible strikes about waves arising during the motion. This improves the handling and increases the comfort of using the vessel. They are also quickly sorted out and collected. To clean contaminated surfaces, it is enough to pour 20-30 liters of water into the cockpit, from which it will flow through the valves. In addition, there are a number of other advantages:

  • the bottom has a sufficient level of thermal insulation, which is relevant for people who are fond of long fishing, a dense surface can even comfortably be placed in a horizontal position;
  • the keel of the boat considerably increases due to the cylinders, which are located above the bottom;
  • Additional air compartments provide stability and the possibility of increasing the transported load;
  • The inner boards are less prone to abrasion.

pvc boats with low pressure inflatable bottom

Negative sides

Despite many advantages, there were shortcomings. These include the following:

  • PVC boats with inflatable low-pressure bottoms cannot achieve maximum speed characteristics even at an average load level;
  • high windage, reduction of which is possible when placing a passenger in the front of the craft or with proper placement of cargo;
  • despite the small weight, compared to other types of boat folds up not in two, but in one bag, because of which there are difficulties during transportation;
  • among other vessels with a tension bottom of a boat with an inflatable low pressure bottom, they have the greatest valkost;
  • cockpit volume significantly reduced due to the volumetric bottom.

Use cases

Vessels with NDND have rather widespread among lovers of extreme water sports, fishermen and travelers due to the presence of drain valves, good handling and soft bottom. There are boats with an inflatable bottom of low pressure, designed for measured walks, they are made of fairly thin materials, so manufacturers could achieve a lower weight of the product. At the same time reliability remains at the same level, although, of course, it is undesirable to overcome obstacles in the form of dense thickets on them.

Boats with inflatable low pressure “Solar” have a soft construction, whilePayol models are distinguished by the presence of plywood elements, and some swimming facilities are equipped with plastic or steel rigid hardening. Sufficient density is achieved by bulkheads with residual zero elongation and pressure inside the structure.

low pressure inflatable boats reviews


Side cylinders contain air with a markedlygreater pressure than in the inflatable parts of the bottom, while bleed special valves were created to prevent excessive air expansion. The valves accelerate the exit of air in the process of disassembling the boat and are located in front of the structure.

Regardless of the design, the vesselallow not to worry about security in the process of moving through special compartments. The reviews on boats with inflatable bottom of low pressure are mostly positive, many users note their comfortable use, unpretentious care and compact dimensions when folded.

Available useful features becomerelevant to users in different situations. Fishermen and hunters are important maneuverability, the possibility of passing through the thickets of reeds and descent from the shore, having any height. For beginners, the main advantage is the low cost and a noticeable increase in leisure opportunities. Such boats are also used by people who own motor yachts, they are used instead of lifeboats in case of emergencies, the likelihood of which cannot be ruled out on any lakes and rivers. They also allow you to get to reservoirs characterized by difficult access and remote location, they are also suitable for traveling with a camper.

boats with inflatable low pressure compass

Criterias of choice

The choice of a particular option depends on the required characteristics. The length of the boat with an inflatable bottom low pressure “Compass” must be selected taking into account the availability of specialadaptations for transportation (this may be an economic trailer or trunk), the engine used, the number of people transported and the size of water bodies.

The shape of the cylinders has a large width, due towhat the lower part of the body is classified into certain types. The most popular is the weak-quilted standard form, which has an average deadrise and inflatable kilson. To achieve the on-screen effect on the balloons, special skegs are used. The bottom may have a completely flat surface. Swimming equipment designed for use in extreme conditions, supplemented by reinforcement in the form of durable polyethylene materials.

Fasteners and cylinders

Cylinders are made of PVC-based fabric,which may have a different degree of density. Rubberized material today is practically not used because of the need for intensive care. Hypolon also does not have enviable popularity, despite the possibility of a long stay in direct sunlight. This is due to the high cost.

Litkros-likpaz type compounds and balloon loopsused for fixing attachments and seats. The first option has more functionality and convenience, because of this it is found on the main part of the boats of various manufacturers.

Low pressure inflatable boats Solar


Boat PVC "Taiga-270ND", according to users, is best suited for fishing and long journeys, design features reduce fatigue during long stays in it.

On the AIR E330LT Gladiator boats, the reviews are mostly positive, they have gained prevalence due to high strength characteristics.

The boat "Gladiator E 380 AIR", according to the owner, is excellent on the water and equipped with a powerful engine.

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