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The question of how Borodin lost weight is askedmany girls and women in their ages. The astonishing transformation of the TV presenter happened some time after the birth. The public remembers that ten years ago Xenia Borodin could not be called a slender girl, she always had volumes and mouth-watering cheeks. During pregnancy, as is often the case, Xenia failed to keep her weight normal, and she recovered greatly. In the vastness of the Web, you could find many unsuccessful photos of the TV presenter with unflattering comments. After the birth of the child, Borodina decided to pull herself together and go on a diet. So, let's see how Borodin lost weight.

As the TV presenter tells, to dieticiansfor help and rational menu she did not apply. The girl herself knew very well that to improve the figure and lose excess kilos, one must combine the cleansing of the organism with sport. That's why Xenia began to often go to the gym, also walked a lot with her newborn daughter and conducted training at home.

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With regard to nutrition, here the answer to the question ofThe way that Borodin has lost weight, will become cucumbers. Vegetable diet allows you to get rid of toxins in the body, saturate it with vitamins and lose weight without starving. Borodin says: "At that time I ate a lot of cucumbers. They served me breakfast, lunch and a snack. " Vegetables can be combined with meat and other products. The main thing is to give up the sweet. According to Xenia, sweets are a white death. Simple carbohydrates give the brain endorphins, but deprive us of the opportunity to feel beautiful and slender.

How lost Borodin in such a short time? The girl did not want to stretch the "pleasure" of the diet for a long period. She is convinced that if desired, the goal can be reached as quickly as possible. The TV presenter did not disappoint the willpower. For several months she managed to get rid of 12 kilograms. Also, Borodina notes that she did not use tablets to lose weight. Xenia is sure that they not only do not bring benefits, but they are harmful to the body, as they break the metabolism and knock down all the cycles. So, after a course of pills, the weight doubles back and does not go away even with fasting.

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How thin Xenia Borodina

A book that several years ago releasedTV presenter, is devoted to work on yourself and your body. Here she tells young girls about how best to build their diet, how to monitor the muscle mass, how to maintain harmony for a long time. Also here her cucumber diet is mentioned. The TV presenter has no secrets from his fans. She readily shares her advice.

The question of how much Borodin has lost weight, welit. It is worth noting that now with the growth of 165 centimeters, its weight is only 46 kilograms. The girl is really good and looks impressive, watches her figure and, of course, does not forget about the sport. Thanks to a clear and regular work on the body, Xenia remains attractive and charming.

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