Journalists still do not understand how Pugacheva lost weight on the Ducane diet

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Now there is a lot of talk about howПугачева has grown thin so suddenly and for short terms. Most of them are ordinary gossip. However, with unarmed eyes, it can be seen that the prima donna has not only changed her hair, but also has really noticeably lost weight. Slim Alla Borisovna immediately noticed the paparazzi.

how pugacheva lost weight

Rumors and gossip ...

At first, no one knew what kind of diet this was,but the whole Internet was dazzling (and even now it continues to do so) headlines like "Alla Pugacheva lost weight!" Photo of 2013! Take a look! " and other. The legends are already talking about this. Some say that the secrets of the rapid and sudden weight loss of the prima donna are nothing more than ordinary fish and other seafood, others claim that they are some disks with secret 25 frames that help to lose weight like this without even getting up from the sofa, others are sure that these are secret forces of activated coal ... Well, the most complete nonsense! Naturally, all these "prophets" were far from the truth. However, Alla Borisovna's image gave it even more mystery, and her laconic and intriguing answers only warmed the public's interest and gave birth to new rumors and gossip! Wow, here they are - public people!

The secret is simple!

Not so long ago, all the respected prima donna of the Sovietand the Russian stage, nevertheless, revealed the secret of its sudden weight loss and the secret of maintaining such a wonderful form. It turns out that the whole secret is in natural products!

Is it true that Alla Pugacheva lost weight
At first there was an opinion that a special diet,which the prima donna strictly observed, for her, none other than the doctor-therapist, professor and simply honored doctor of Russian television - Elena Malysheva. However, a little later in the press rumors of how Pugacheva lost weight really! It turns out that this is all a Frenchman Pierre Ducan, whose methods and the singer lost weight. Journalists immediately suspected the prima donna in some deception. However, it turned out that Dukan really offers only natural products for weight loss.

Dyukan's methods are based on natural nutrition. But when the restless journalists tried to find out how Pugacheva lost weight on natural products alone, the singer personally assured that this is really so, that this is a unique technique. As she said, for all time of a diet she and has not learned, that such feeling of famine! And yet, after such a recognition, journalists initially began to doubt that this diet really Dyukanovskaya. "Is it true that Alla Pugacheva lost weight on the Ducane diet?" They whispered. However, when everyone was sure that for the whole time, when the diva arrived at one of the hotels, she never ordered fried or fatty dishes (and they are very fond of them), they had to believe.

Alla Pugacheva lost weight photo 2013
Moreover, Prima Donna has cooled and to alcohol! The only thing left from the former Alla Borisovna is smoking. In addition, the singer told reporters that she had "shooting on the nose" and "where do I go now?". Indeed, at that time in the plans was to shoot the next "Christmas Meetings", on which the prima donna looked simply amazing! Although, who knows, maybe the adored husband Maxim Galkin "fed" his beloved wife with her former food secretly from photo and video cameras!

But, however that may be, today throughout the GlobalThe network continues to debate and debate on this topic. On the personal site of the singer has repeatedly "attempted", because of what she temporarily suspended the operation of her official resource, and all other sites advising all sorts of diets on behalf of Alla Borisovna - this is an ordinary fraud! Remember that she hardly talked about how Pugacheva lost weight, she did not offer any recipes and advice to anyone, and did not sell it anyway!

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