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The Kalashnikov Pneumatic Automatic Gunis an easy-to-use and reliable weapon, produced by the French company Cybergun. Practically indistinguishable from the firearm analog, combat characteristics allow using this model both in sports shooting and for combat training.

Kalashnikov pneumatic automatic machine
Ammunition for weapons are speciallydesigned bullets of a spherical shape, used for shooting from pneumatics. The caliber of the rifle is 4.5 millimeters. A cartridge with compressed gas serves as a source of energy for a shot. The Kalashnikov Pneumatic Automatic Gun refers to semi-automatic weapons.

The capacity of a magazine located in the horn of an automatonKalashnikov, is 19 bullets. If there are more of them, this will invariably lead to the breakdown of the impact mechanism. According to the manufacturer's data, indicated in the passport characteristics of the weapon, the muzzle power of the air rifle is 2.2 J, the maximum sighting range is 77 meters. It is impossible not to mention other important parameters. The starting velocity of the bullet passing through the barrel and subsequently through the valve assembly of the weapon is 110 m / s.

pneumatic Kalashnikov
Kalashnikov pneumatic automatic productionCybergun is made of high-quality steel and wood. A high degree of reliability, versatility, good build quality and ease of use - these are the distinguishing features of the pneumatics in question.

The guarantee for the purchased automatic device ishalf a year. The weapon is delivered in a special package, which attests to the authenticity of the goods. The weight of the machine is 3050 g, the total length is 880 mm. The purchase of a pneumatic weapon of this model does not require a license.

Kalashnikov Pneumatic Automaticleading positions in the market of weapons of this purpose. Fans of high-quality shooting can appreciate its excellent technical characteristics.

The Kalashnikov pneumatic automatic gun has a number of absolutely identical and compatible parts with one of its counterparts - the Junker rifle. But this does not mean that the rifles are exactly the same.

Pneumatic automatic gun Kalashnikov "Junker-4"is unique in that it is produced in the same factory where a combat rifle pattern is produced. That is, they have one base, view and external characteristics. The difference between the pneumatics and the combat rifle is so minimal that it's only the experienced gunsmith who can show where the original is. Disassembly and assembly of the machine is also identical to the combat model. This allows you to use weapons in training and training not only amateurs, but also professionals, participants in military operations.

pneumatic automatic rifle Kalashnikov junker 4

The slot machine is multi-charging, it has 18 bullets. The downside of this type is that the developers did not equip the machine with a protective mechanism - the weapon does not have a fuse. When using a rifle, you should be careful and very careful. After the shooting, the weapon is discharged. Keeping or transporting the rifle in a charged position can trigger a spontaneous shot.

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