Rifle "Exhaust" - an excellent Russian weapon of our time

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Large-caliber sniper rifle "Exhaust" was established in 2002. The development was carried out under the state order of the security service of the Russian Federation.

Three years later the sniper rifle "Exhaust"The first time was demonstrated to all arms lovers at one of the Moscow exhibitions. It is known that a complex of this type of combat ammunition was created only for the arming of special troops of the Russian FSB. The number of copies of the rifle is quite small. All the performance characteristics were provided by the manufacturer and were detailed at the Interpolitex exhibition.

rifle exhaust

Rifle "Exhaust" is capable of hitting the enemy inradius of 600 meters. Silent and flameless fire management allows you to fight in any conditions. The deadly power of the bullet is capable of destroying protected targets and penetrating non-armored vehicles. The use of cartridges with a high initial speed in combination with a specially designed muffler well "extinguishes" the sound of the shot produced. The shooting from the weapon is made by bullets of the twelfth caliber. Weighted weight cartridges weighing up to 76 g significantly increases the lethal force of the rifle.

For the use of weapons, cartridges of threespecies: two of them give the bullet increased accuracy and one increases the punching ability. The variety and quality of ammunition characterizes it as a model capable of standing at the same level as Western counterparts.

sniper rifle exhaust

The rifle "Exhaust" is equipped with a recharge mechanismmanual action. The shutter easily charges weapons and locks up from the turn of the larva. A single-row box-shaped shop is capable of holding five cartridges. Sights are attached to the top of the receiver, the optical sight allows you to fire with great precision at a great distance. In addition, the weapon is equipped with a front sight and the whole.

Integral muffler, perhaps, is oneof the main advantages of the developers of weapons. The part can be removed easily, this makes it possible to disassemble and clean the rifle in a short time. Transportation is only disassembled.

large-caliber sniper rifle exhaust

The shooting in the supine position is carried out with the help ofbiped bipod. The rifle "Exhaust" though refers to large-caliber weapons, but the return in the process of the shot is not noticeable. A convenient recharge lever minimizes the time spent preparing the next shot.

Designers developed weapons capable ofCartridges of large calibers were used as ammunition, but the main goal was different: to significantly reduce the weight of the rifle in comparison with the already existing analogs. The total mass of weapons was only 7 kg, taking into account the fact that the muffler itself weighs about two. With this weight, the Rifle "Exhaust" has a length of 795 millimeters.

The question of mass production of weapons andremained open. The sniper rifle, created on the special order of the security service of Russia, fully met the expected expectations, proving its effectiveness in combat use.

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