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Along with the development of motor transportThe smaller and more promising areas of technical means of transportation are also moving forward. It is not the first year that one of the most fashionable works of this industry is gyroskouter. The original appearance, coupled with an unusual control system, attracts more and more attention to such devices. However, there are many other advantages that the gyro-paceter possesses. Responses of owners, for example, note the comfort in handling this equipment, its mobility and undemanding service. However, in each of the named pluses of the electric scooter there are nuances, knowledge of which will allow choosing the optimal model.

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Basic selection criteria

When choosing it is worth considering several aspectsoperation. This is primarily dynamic qualities, dimensions and battery power. As for speed, the maximum limit is 20 km / h. For an adult this is enough, but if the device is provided for a child or a teenager, then perhaps it is better to choose a less dynamic gyro pacemaker. User feedback is also recommended in advance to calculate the battery charge. On average, it is enough for 40 km, but if this distance is small, you need to purchase a model with the option of installing a second battery.

The choice of dimensions is done individually. A wide platform, large wheels and a rack for control are the best variant of a safe device. If you need a technique for fast and mobile travel on city streets, then it is better to pay attention to a small gyroskuter. The price in this case will be approximately 350-400 thousand rubles. Massive aggregates, especially for off-road driving, can be estimated at 500-600 thousand rubles.


Should I choose a mini model?

Such models are less secure, more difficult to manageand do not provide for the possibility of transporting additional cargo. This gyro-boxer differs not only in smaller dimensions, but in radically altered construction. In particular, the device does not have a steering column, has small wheels and a reduced platform for the legs. But these flaws are compensated for by a reduced mass (about 15 kg), compactness and maneuverability. Accordingly, to buy a mini gyroscope it is necessary in the event that it is calculated for a dynamic ride in a tight space.

Also, the model is suitable for users whoplan to transport an electric scooter in the trunk of the car. With such models, there are usually no problems in transportation, which can not be said about full-size versions. It is important to bear in mind that the management will be carried out without the assistance of the helm. This significantly complicates the task of monitoring equipment, so before you buy, you should try out such a gyro-wiper in practice. The price of the mini version differs significantly from the major analogues and amounts to 30-40 thousand rubles.

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User's manual

Handle with an electric scooter should be delicate,given his appointment. As a rule, manufacturers recommend using the technique on the surface without defects and irregularities. Exceptions apply only to off-road models, on which you can ride on grass and dirt road. Here everything depends on the size of the wheels and the dimensions of the device. In terms of maintenance, everything is somewhat more complicated. Still, the design on the Russian market is relatively new, and its low popularity does not contribute to the development of appropriate services. Another thing that requires the implementation of preventive measures - compliance with instructions will increase the period during which the gyroscope will be operated. The reviews particularly negatively reflect the maintenance problems of the device in winter, when regular cleaning of its working elements from snow with hazardous reagents is required. Nevertheless, serious problems with technology are extremely rare. Both the body and the electric motor are distinguished by a high resource. Of course, if we talk about the products of famous manufacturers.

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Reviews about gyroscope "Segway"

Segway launched this segment andsuccessfully continues its development, mastering new technological developments. Users note the diversity of the line of electric scooters of this brand. In particular, the company offers models for out-of-town outdoor recreation, urban versions, modifications for children, etc. At the same time, regardless of the version, the Segway gyroscope provides high stability. Actually, the balancing base is the most responsible part of such devices and, according to the owners, in the models "Segway" it is realized best. If we talk about the minuses, then it is only one - it's value. Today's market in this segment is divided into American and Chinese. Devices from manufacturers of the Celestial Empire can be tens of times cheaper, but they noticeably lose Segway's products in quality.

Reviews about gyroscope Smart

It is also one of the most successful companies,electric cars. The main emphasis is made by the manufacturer on the mini version, so the audience of the users is appropriate. They are young people who value mobility, compactness and dynamics in personal transport. The maneuverable gyroscope Smart causes positive reviews due to its reliability, confident maintenance of balance, build quality and low weight. Such devices are easy to transport, they do not need special maintenance, but at the same time are cheaper than full-size analogues from the company Segway.

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Despite its innovativeness, electric carsstill only form strong positions in the market. This process is hampered by many factors. For example, potential consumers complain about price tags on which the gyroscope is sold. Criticism also refers to the high sensitivity of models to the road surface. In turn, manufacturers improve designs, increase ergonomics and increase the capacity of devices. The range of benefits is regularly expanded, as evidenced by the emergence of new futuristic designs, and increased functionality. At the same time, developers carefully consider security issues, minimizing the risks of accidents and injuries.

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