Fiorentina Football Club: a short history and achievements

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"Fiorentina" is a professional footballThe club, which is based in the capital of Tuscany - Florence. Purple and white colors have become traditional for this team, in connection with what it is often called "Violets", or La Viola. Such significant achievements, as in "Juventus" and "Milan", it can not boast. Together with this one of the most popular clubs from this country, which has millions of fans around the world, is now considered to be FC "Fiorentina". The composition, rating, brief history and achievements of the team are described in more detail below.

Fiorentina Football Club


The founder of the club is Luigi Ridolfi. With the active participation of this man in 1926, two small Florentine teams merged - Libertas and Firenze. So the football club "Fiorentina" was formed. Initially, he played in the lowest divisions. However, after three seasons the team managed to break into the elite Italian championship.

The first serious triumph took place in 1941 -"Violets" won the national cup. In the fifties of last century they were constantly on the leading positions in the championship of the country. At that time, the team shone with many talented players, including Francesco Rosetta, Giuliano Sarti and others.

In the season of 1955/1956 the club for the first time in itshistory won the "Scudetto", ahead of its nearest pursuer ("Milan") by 12 points. Five years later, the team became a triumphant player in the international arena, when she won in the Cup Winners' Cup. In 1969, "Violets" in the second and so far for the last time won the national championship.

Fiorentina Football Club

In the following seasons their game did not differstability. As a result, the team could first occupy a high place in the final standings, and in the next year to fight for survival. In 1990, she made her way to the final of the UEFA Cup, but lost 3-1 to another representative of Italy - Juventus.

At the turn of the century

Serious failure overtook the football club"Fiorentina" in 1993. Then the team failed the season and flew to the lower division. After being invited to the post of head coach Claudio Ranieri, "Violets" returned to "Serie A". In 1996, they finished third in the standings and won the national cup. Five years later, due to large economic problems, the club was declared bankrupt. Almost immediately after that, in August 2002, businessman Diego Della Valle bought all the property of Fiorentina and revived it under a different name - "Florence Viola". The team played in the "Series C2" division and returned to the big leagues for the 2003/2004 season. Here she began to perform under the former, usual for fans name "Fiorentina".

Fiorentina Fiorentina Football Club

Football club "Fiorentina" forthe last ten years demonstrates a completely confident and stable game both on the domestic and international arena. Together with this outstanding success, "Violet" has not yet been achieved.


In 2013, Della Valle announced the launch of a newera in the history of the team. In particular, the president of the club noted his readiness to invest big financial resources in its development. First of all, the football club "Fiorentina" invited to the post of coach Vincenzo Montell - a man who before that had a good reputation as a mentor of "Roma" and "Catania". The sports director of the team was an experienced specialist Daniele Pradet.

FC Fiorentina composition rankings

Significant changes have affected the composition ofteam. Because of the staff shake up, 17 players left, 9 of which were players of the "base". All of them were replaced by newcomers. It is impossible not to note the purchase of four players at once to the position of the playmakers. In particular, Alberto Aquilani, David Pizarro, Matthias Fernandes and Borja Valero joined the Fiorentina football club. In addition to them, the team includes players such as Neto, Joaquin, Alessandro Diamanti, Mohammed Sallah, Josip Ilicich, Giuseppe Rossi, Alberto Gilardino. All this gave positive results: the team gradually began to demonstrate a stable game, which allowed it to rise to 43rd place in the international ranking of UEFA. The owner of the club, he said, intends to continue to follow a similar policy.


"Fiorentina" - football club, in historywhich had both white and black stripes. As already mentioned above, the team experienced many strong blows, including falls in the lower divisions. Whatever it was, this did not prevent her from achieving some success on the domestic and international arenas. In particular, "Violets" twice became triumphers of the national championship, six times won the national cup, one time - the Italian Super Cup, and the UEFA Cup.

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