The equipment of a sports ground in the Dow, at school, on the street: GOST. Who is involved in the equipment of sports grounds?

Sport and fitness

The sports ground, designed for outdoor sports, helps to preserve and multiply the health of the nation.

In our time, the playground representsa place where children and adults, using a variety of equipment, are engaged in physical culture and sports. They can be specialized and versatile. On this depends and equipment of the sports ground.

playground equipment

Site Characteristics

When creating a project of a universal sports ground, the following parameters should be observed:

  • operation in any weather;
  • possibility to engage in several kinds of sports;
  • the playground equipment must remain resistant to the actions of vandals;
  • coverage should be suitable for various sports;
  • The infrastructure should be provided in the form of benches, changing rooms and additional premises.

On the universal site, all year roundto engage in different kinds of sports in the air. In addition to multi-purpose gaming, there is also a gym and fitness equipment. They are necessary for gaming sports and strength training.

equipment for sports grounds of schools

Construction of a universal sports ground includes such stages:

  • An asphalt or concrete base is prepared;
  • erected a fence;
  • an artificial covering is spread;
  • mounted lighting system and equipment for sports;
  • visual places are established.


The device of sports grounds is regulated by R 55677-2013 GOST "Equipment of sports grounds".

The equipment of the sports ground includes:

  • stands for basketball and streetball;
  • Racks for volleyball and tennis with grids;
  • the tower of judges;
  • goal.

Racks can be built into the edges of the fencing of sports grounds.

Mini-football gates are static andmobile. To the basketball stands are often attached a polycarbonate shield and a vandal-proof ring. The materials used in the equipment must be resistant to fluctuations in temperature and precipitation.

Strict requirements for the ratio of the size of the zonesThere is no platform - they depend on the wishes of the customer. Gymnastic shells give the opportunity to engage in people of different ages. They allow you to use the muscles of all groups.

The following equipment is used:

  • beams;
  • manuals;
  • the Swedish wall;
  • horizontal bar;
  • benches.

All that is necessary for the site is delivered in a kit, depending on the age of the children and the equipment.

equipment for sports grounds on the street

Enclosure of the site

Each outdoor sports ground must be provided with a fence. This is done for security tasks. Fences are assembled, as a rule, from ready-made easily mounted sections.

Make fences of nylon mesh orRabitz mesh with profile pipes. Quality fences, having a long service life, are obtained by welding steel bars with further coating of polymers. Additional stiffness is attached to the design of the V-shaped rib.

The height of the fence must be at least 3 meters. It should be:

  • safe to avoid injury;
  • strong, so as not to break from the blows on it;
  • Aesthetic, in order to combine with the architectural ensemble of the site;
  • financially justified, so that the share of the fencing price is not very high.

playground equipment in dhow


The site is asphalted when it is created, and thenone of the coverings is spread. Depending on whether the professional is used cover or amateur, its appearance depends. For courtyards and school grounds, it is often used in bulk on rubber crumbs. Such a coating can be made on the basis of polyurethane seamless and water resistant. Several colors of the cover make it possible to allocate play areas.

Coating material

The thickness of the material is 1.0-1.2 cm. Due to water permeability, there are no puddles after rain. A surface that does not slip prevents injury. Doing sports on such a cover is comfortable and safe. Practice proves that such sports facilities are constantly in demand. In addition, in winter, it is possible to make a skating rink on such sites without the danger of damage to the coating.

gost equipment of sports grounds


Conducting sports training and competition is determined by the quality of lighting. Lighting of sports facilities:

  • should provide an overview of the entire site;
  • should not dazzle;
  • meets the requirements of sanitary norms.

Full coverage of sports grounds givesthe ability to both compete and conduct a training process. Lighting of poor quality negatively affects the level of the game and is dangerous for the health of athletes.

Uniform illumination of a platform requires at least six lighting masts. If the playground is intended for professional sports, the number of lighting masts is recommended to be increased to 8.

The height of the lighting supports is in the range of 6-12 meters. On the supports are mounted 1-4 spotlights on metal halide lamps. Power searchlights - 150-400 watts.

Sports ground in kindergarten

When constructing the territory of a kindergartenThe presence of a playground equipped with swings, sandboxes. You also need other equipment for the sports ground in the kindergarten. In addition to the playing area, there must be a place for physical education at different times of the year. From sports equipment on the site you can place wooden bars, horizontal bars, rings.

equipment of school sports grounds


The project of the sports ground must be designednecessary area allocated for this purpose. Designing the equipment of a sports ground, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that for one child there were 1 m2 from the territory of the site. A competently designed sports ground is suitable not only for physical education, but also for spending children's holidays.

Who is involved in the equipment of sports grounds? To make sporting shells and perform the design of a children's playground - work that is usually done by companies for landscaping and landscaping. But before applying to specialists, you must first determine the sports equipment for each of the age groups.

For example, children of secondarygymnastic wall, targets of wood for throwing. The equipment of the sports ground in the DOW must be complex. So, support for jumping can be supplemented with a basketball net and a rope for climbing.


Making shells is best made of wood,plastic and metal pipes. In addition, it is necessary to arrange treadmills, equipment for training the balance. The jump band must end with a pit for landing, filled with coarse-grained sand.

equipment for a playground in a kindergarten

School playground

Equipment for sports grounds schools needto ensure that children are fully engaged in physical education classes. For all schools, the allocation of land for the construction of a sports ground. The area of ​​such sites depends on where the school is located and how many students there are.

In megacities, the plots are smallplaces, smaller settlements can sometimes afford a pad the size of a stadium. This determines the need for equipment of school sports grounds. Such areas can be complex or combined.

The complex sports field contains a football field of 90 x 60 meters, one basketball and two volleyball courts.

In the combined area there is a circular running track, a jumping track with a pit from the sand, a playground, a gymnastic town.

Street platforms

Conducting physical education classes throughout the year onOpen air puts before those who develop equipment for sports grounds on the street, a number of specific problems. First of all, we need a sports ground, equipped with a hard surface, which makes it possible to deal with precipitation and during the off-season. The site has a coating of wood, bituminous rubber or asphalt. It should rise 50-70 mm above the surface, so that water does not stay on it.

The use of the site can be expanded by addingto her treadmill. Thus, the playground is approaching the stadium. The asphalt site, according to numerous studies, does not harm the health of children's feet. Shoes with a felt insole and wool socks sufficiently cushion the foot during running and jumping, reinforcing it.

The presence of a pad with a hard surface does not mean,that there is no need for a platform with grass cover. Such a platform will be in demand in summer fine weather. The coating is marked with lines that make it easier to play sports.

On its edges there is an auxiliaryequipment. This is the wall for gymnastics, basketball shields, volleyball racks. The height of the gym is chosen equal to 3 meters. Cross-bars at heights of 1.5 and 3 meters are painted in a different color. So, for children of different ages, the dosage of height that can be climbed is simplified. Details of gymnastic shells made of wood are covered with bituminous varnish to prevent spoilage.

Everything else is covered by varnish. It protects the gym equipment from the effect of moisture, improving the appearance.

Teaching children basics of basketball requires the presence ofbasketball shields. The simplest such shield is made of boards, covered with white paint. A ring with a grid is attached to the shield. The ring should be installed at a height of 2 m.

Stands for fixing the grid for volleyball are pipes that are concreted into the ground.

Next to the edge of the site is a pit forjumping. Its length is 3 meters. The edges of the pit are covered with boards. In the pit, dug to a depth of 40-50 centimeters, coarse-grained sand is poured. Gymnastic shells are placed near the sports ground.

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