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A rigid inflatable boat (rigit inflatable boat), in the abbreviation RIB, is a vessel that is fully used for any purpose on the water, whether it be racing, fishing or rescue operation.

Ribi boat

What's good

Stiffness is achieved due to fiberglasshull and inflatable boards. These boats are equipped with powerful engines. Durability and good dynamics guarantee excellent ability to move on water, stability at any speed. In addition, although RIBs (boats) are small vessels, their carrying capacity is high. At high speed, they are able to perform complex maneuvers, easily go to planing. The advantages of such boats include their light weight, which greatly facilitates the task of transporting, loading and unloading the vessel. Though there are also heavy dimensional vessels, which can be transported only on the trailer. RIBs (boats) are designed for movement by sea. The presence of a hard bottom guarantees the assignment to the vessel of the first class. And this, in turn, provides access to navigation.

What is made of

V-shaped body is made of plastic. The bottom is filled with water-repellent foam, which gives the boat stability. The compounds are made by gluing, ultrasonic welding or vulcanization. The bottom is made of plastic or aluminum. Due to this, it is not damaged by ice, stones and other obstacles. The best models are made abroad. They do not require additional modifications, for example, sizing. But they are much more expensive. By the size of RIBs are different. For the sea, it is advised to choose a boat with a length of more than 4 meters. For those who do not want to waste energy and time transporting the vessel, folding options are suitable. They are compact, they can be packed into the trunk even in solitude, without resorting to outside help, which means saving time and money.

folding boat rib

Different opinion

Those who already have RIB boats, reviews leaveambiguous. Everything depends on the purpose for which the ship was purchased. For example, if you need to take a long trip, RIB folding boats will not be the best option. Since, according to buyers, burst at the folds, uncomfortable to accommodate, the maximum for what they are suitable for short walks by sea. Also note the fragility of cylinders, their ability to wear off about water, some do not like seaworthiness.

The unpleasant moment is that the vessel needspodkachivat, because it is inflatable, in addition, sooner or later will break the same side, which will have to repair, so it's not out of place to carry materials with them in order to eliminate the breakdown. But their stability on the water suits most people. Such characteristics of RIBs (boats) are due to inflatable sides. Thanks to them, the ship is almost impossible to sink. In addition, it can be moved along shallow water and moored in any places.

boat ribs reviews

If you make the right choice, then comfortablefishing will be provided, and every fisherman has his own concept of convenience. But RIBs (boats) are presented in such a wide assortment that anyone who wants to buy them will necessarily find something to their liking. Whether to buy a boat of this kind is a private matter for everyone, but if there is not enough money for an aluminum vessel, this option will be better than inflatable from PVC.

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