Thrust of the T-neck is an excellent exercise for the back!

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Among the many exercises that developthe latissimus muscles of the back, it is rather difficult to find the most effective. Some bodybuilders prefer pull-ups, others - towing blocks, bars or dumbbells.


But one of the most effective exercises is the thrust of the T-neck.

It is this exercise that makes it possible to isolate the latissimus muscles of the back, and also relieves part of the load from the waist.

Thrust of the T-neck is widely used for training swimmers, gymnasts, wrestlers, but most often this exercise is done by bodybuilders.

The purpose of traction is to develop the widest muscles, and also to strengthen the middle of the back.

Thanks to the stable position of the body, an isolated load is created, which not only makes it possible to perfectly work the upper back, but also protects the athlete from injuries of the lumbar spine.

So, we found out what the T-neck's pull is, soIt's time to figure out how to do this exercise. It is important to remember that the main thing is the right technique. Immediately, I note that there are two types of simulators for T-traction. First: you lie down on the bench with your stomach, grasp the neck and start performing. Second: you become, slightly bending your legs, straighten your back and perform a slope forward. It is from the angle of inclination will depend on the load on the latissimus muscles of the back. To achieve maximum effect, you need to bend about 30-45 degrees relative to the initial position of the body.

Now pay attention to the width of the grip. As in all the other exercises on the back, the more grip you have, the stronger the back muscles, which are closer to the spine.

Consequently, as the width of the grip increases, parts of the widest, most distant from the spine will be pumped.

It is also possible to perform this exercise using a back grip, but at the same time, except for the back, the biceps will start working.

If the load is too heavy, it is possible to carry out traction with a different grip, this technique will not allow the neck to slip out of the hand.

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Doing this exercise fairlyIt's difficult, so you should use the hints of a coach or team-mate. Initial position - hands straightened, neck below. The exercise should be performed in two stages. First, we reduce the blade, that is, they are trying to reach out to the spine, and then drag the bar to the upper abdomen, while breathing out. Slowly return to the starting position, inhale, perform a second repetition. Always keep your elbows in parallel with the body and lift them as high as possible back level.

Do not try to pull the T-shapedvulture jerky, do not use biceps, do not bend your back and do not take too much weight. Exercise should be done very carefully and technically. Do three to five approaches 8 to 15 times.

Thrust of the T-neck is an excellent exercise that does notOnly develops the widest muscles of the back, but also gives them an excellent relief and shape. If you want to achieve fairly tangible results in a short time, then be sure to include this exercise in the training cycle.

In order to diversify exercise for fitness, girls can also perform T-rod pull.

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