Bernard Anisio: career and achievements of a young Brazilian football player

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Brazilian footballer Bernard Anisio was born in1992, on 8 September. Despite his fairly young age, he has already become famous. Especially in Ukraine. Since, starting in 2013, this football player defends the colors of the Donetsk "Shakhtar".

Bernard Anisio

"Atletico Mineiro": the beginning

Bernard's professional work beganin this club. At the age of fourteen, he became one of the players of the youth composition. And before that, Bernard Anisio played in FC "Commerce EC before Barreiro." And quite a long time - from 1997 to 2006.

It is interesting that initially he was refused to takein the "Atletico". Twice he was denied this. Because of the growth - Bernard was too low. But in 2006 he still got into the team. And four years later he was leased to a team called "Democrat". This club played in the third division. And the young man was sent there so that he would gain experience and play practice. In principle, he did so. Over 16 matches, he scored 14 (!) Goals. This was a phenomenal result. After this, the club "Atletico" took his junior back. And in 2011, Bernard Anicio Caldeira Duarte was included in the main line-up. His debut took place in the same year, March 23, in a game against FC Uberaba.

Bernard Anisio Caldeira duarte

Further career

After almost two months after itsThe first match in the first team was the debut of a young player in the championship of Brazil. And his first year he scored only in 2012, June 26. It was a match against FC Nautico. Then, in September, he issued a double. Only thanks to him the team in that match won a victory over FC "Palmeiras". In the same year, Bernard Anisio received his first title. He became the champion of the Mineiro League as part of his club.

And in the middle of 2013 he together with the team wonCup Libertadores, beating in the final match Paraguayan "Olympia." It is interesting that the young Brazilian took part in eleven matches from all 14. Moreover, he scored four goals. And three of them were sent in games against the "Arsenal" (Sarandi), held in the group stage. Fourth goal in the gate of the opponents, he scored in the semifinals.

In total for the career in this club Bernard Anisio has hammered in 12 goals, having left on a field in 62 matches.

Going to the "Miner"

In 2013, the prospective Brazilian was invitedplay for the Donetsk "Shakhtar". He agreed. The contract was signed in the same year, August 8, for a period of five years. It's interesting that they bought the player for a lot of money. For him, gave 25 million euros. Bernard decided to play under the tenth number (in "Atletico Mineiro" he wore a T-shirt with the number "11" on his back).

Debut in the championship of Ukraine from the Brazilian took placeAugust 31. It was a match against the Kharkov "Metalist". Soon he went on the field and within the Champions League. Then there was a game against FC Real Sociedad. It was held on September 17. True, he was released as a newcomer, a substitute. He went out instead of Douglas Costa. The first goal, by the way, also did not take long to wait - his Bernard scored on October 26, in a match against FC "Zarya".

 Bernard Anisio Caldeira duarte personal life

National team

In 2012, a young Brazilian was invited tothe composition of the Brazilian national team. Mano Menezes called him on September 11 to participate in the match against the Argentine team. Naturally, the midfielder accepted this invitation, but did not come out on the field. But his debut did take place, however, a little later. To be more precise - November 22, also against the Argentine national team. He went on to replace Lucas, at the end of the second half.

In 2013, Bernard participated in the CupConfederations. He played against Italy and Uruguay. He showed himself, by the way, at a decent level. And then, in 2014, he made a speech at the World Championships. He went on the field against the national teams of Germany, Mexico and Croatia.

Here is such a rich career can boastBernard Anisio Caldeira Duarte. His personal life, unfortunately many fans, is hidden from the cameras and paparazzi, but it is known how many titles he managed to win. The Brazilian is the winner of the League of Mineiro and the owner of the Cup Libertadores, also he won the championship of Ukraine and twice went to the final of the Cup of the country.

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