Vladimir Maminov: the history of devotion to "Locomotive"

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Today, it is rare to find a player whohe spends his whole career in one club. Favorable offers, lack of game practice or disagreement with the coach encourage players to change teams. However, the loyal players are now and have been before. One of these players is Vladimir Maminov, who gave 16 years of his life to the game for the Moscow "Locomotive", after which he spent 4 more years in it as a coach.

Parenting and first steps

Vladimir Maminov, whose biography asfootballer began and ended in the "Locomotive", still at school I had high hopes. As a result, at the age of 17, he was included in the application of "railroad" for the season, but the debut of the young midfielder took place only in October 1993 in the Russian championship, where he was replaced in a match against Uralmash.

Vladimir Mominov

Every year the player progressed, and the coachingThe staff gave him more time on the field. As a result, by 1996, Vladimir Maminov became an indispensable player of the base. With his ability to read the game and correctly dispose of the ball, the midfielder helped Lokomotiv achieve good results, thanks to which the "railwaymen" won the Cup of Russia in the same season.

The main successes in his career

However, the main success of Vladimir was still ahead. Three consecutive years, since 1999, Muscovites came to the finish of the championship in second place, with each season becoming more united and master team. The result of such growth was not long in coming, and already in 2002, "Locomotive" came to its first championship title, and a year later confirmed a high level.

Vladimir Mominov

After that, Vladimir Maminov for another 4 yearsdemonstrated an excellent game in the "red-green", then in December 2008 announced the completion of his career, having played for Muscovites exactly 400 official matches, which marked 41 goals.

Trainer's path in the "Locomotive"

Despite the completion of the footballer's career, withhis own club the player did not part. Soon after leaving the football field, Vladimir Maminov began coaching at Lokomotiv and in the summer of 2009 he became acting head coach for two months.

Vladimir mamin biography

With the return of former coach Maminov, YuriSemin, ex-midfielder became the chief assistant coach. Ways midfielder and the club dispersed only in 2013, when Vladimir in the role of coach left the team, soon entering the coaching staff of the Kazan "Rubin". In 2016, Maminov headed the Moscow club "Solaris", speaking in the PFL, whose trainer is to this day. The athlete has a wife and two children - son Vladislav and daughter Maria.

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