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In the 2016/2017 championship, once upon a timethe champion of the Russian football championship appeared the most real chance in recent years to finish in the first place. In Moscow, "Spartacus" has long been bored for the championship, and now, when the team occupies an intermediate pole position, the players of the club and the entire coaching staff are only thinking about how not to miss the desired result. One of those who wrote a new history of the Moscow collective is Evgeny Makeev. Football player has ten years in the structure of the club and rightly can call himself a veteran of "Spartacus." At the same time, he is only twenty-seven years old, and he is still hungry for new successes.

evgeny makieev

The first steps in football

In the big sport Eugene brought his father, there was no timealso a well-known football player Vladimir Makeev. A young guy started in the youth section of Severstal. Ironically, the club did not have a group in which Evgeny Makeev could train with peers, so he attended classes with children who were two years older. Already at the age of 15, the player suffered the first serious injury, when in a normal double-sided he was broken by a leg. However, everything cost three months outside of football - the young body quickly recovered from damage.

People's team

In 2007, the Moscow "Spartak" was no longerunconditional and permanent champion of Russia, but the team was still the most popular in the country and in the capital. Naturally, after receiving an invitation to the "meat", Yevgeny Makeev did not hesitate a moment and signed the first real professional contract.

At first, the young football player had toextremely tight, especially with an eye on the physical exertion that was given in "Spartacus." He spent some time in the composition of the backup team and only later got in the main. The team fevered periodically, one coach was replaced by another. Not everything went smoothly in Makeyev, but hard work in training and a great desire to grow led to the fact that Yevgeny Makeev secured a place in defense of the "people's team". The player felt equally comfortable both on the left and on the right flanks.

eugene mackeyev private life


For the first time in the starting lineup of "Spartacus" defenderMakeev appeared in 2009, and after a few matches he fell into the arms of teammates when he celebrated his debut goal to the gate of Saturn from Ramensky. A year later the footballer held his first fight in the most prestigious tournament of the Old World, the Champions League. The rival of "meat" then became the French "Marcel". Career defender gradually went up, so after another year and a half he received a challenge to the national team of Russia in football, the colors which protects to this day. In total, during the years of his professional career, Evgeni managed to score 6 times in goals against opponents.

His mentors

It so happened that over the last ten years at the helmMoscow "Spartacus" were absolutely different in temperament and vision of football coaches. The paradox, but playing under the leadership of such unlike each other Valery Karpin, Murat Yakin, Dmitry Alenichev, the flank defender Makeev still remained the main bek. Today the club is run by the Italian Massimo Carrera, and it seems that the club is finally on the right track.

evgeny makeyev football player

Yevgeny Makeev: personal life

Eugene is twenty-seven years old, and he still remainsone of the most enviable suitors in the Russian Premier League. This is evidenced by the number of personal fans of the player who do not miss any of his games. Evgeny Makeev sometimes pleases his fans with new photos in social networks, but it happens infrequently - the footballer is rather modest and not used to swimming in the rays of his own glory. Even the interview gives journalists a little shy. Father Eugene and now playing for one of the veterans of the Cherepovets, but he does not give advice to his son reluctantly. Say, the attacker and defender to each other are not advisers.

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