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Jürgen Klinsmann - former German footballer, andnow coach He was born in 1964. German began his professional career in 1981. The last match one of the best scorers in the history of German football played in 2003.

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Despite the German passport and adoration withKlinsi often stated that he considered himself an American. Wife Jurgen Klinsmann name is Debbie Chin. She is a citizen of the United States of America. The family lives in the USA, and the specialist himself reluctantly leaves the state. In 2004, he wanted for this reason to abandon the post of head coach of the German national team, and in the summer of 2007, the reluctance to part with his family forced Klinsmann to reject the offer from London Chelsea.

Youth career

At the age of 8, Jürgen joined youth football. He played in all positions, including a place in the frame of the gate.

In 1972, the player signed a junior contract withthe TB Gingen club, whose colors Klinsmann defended for two seasons. Despite the fact that the guy could close any problematic position on the field, the coach most often used him as a forward. It was the attacker's role that brought him worldwide fame.

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In 1974, Jürgen became a player in the football club "Geislingen". In the new team, he played until 1978, and then signed a contract with the team "Stuttgarter Kickers."

Start a professional career

"Kickers" - the last club for which he playedJürgen at the youth level. In 1981, the leadership of the team offered the forward a full-fledged professional contract for a period of three years, and Klinsmann put his signature without hesitation.

For three years in the main part of the "StuttgarterKickers "striker played 61 match. In the 1981/82 season, Jurgen played only 6 games in the first team and scored 1 goal. All meetings played football in the league. A year later, the number of matches played increased 3 times. In the 1982/83 season, the striker entered the field 20 times in the championship and twice appeared in the German Cup. In terms of performance, the attacker cannot add a season to an asset - 3 goals in 22 matches.

Express yourself in German football KlinsmannAllowed the 1983/84 season. Jurgen appeared 35 times on the field in the championship and became the author of 19 goals. Two more times he sent the ball into the net of the opponents in two cup games. All in all, for "Kickers" striker scored 25 goals.

Go to "Stuttgart"

Jurgen Klinsmann's magnificent stats"Stuttgart" did not go unnoticed. In the summer of 1984, the player signed a contract with Stuttgart. As part of the Swabians, he became a star of German football. The debut season in the new club was successful. The forward played 32 matches in the Bundesliga and scored 15 goals. Also on the account of the German 2 goals scored in 4 cup matches.

Jürgen Klinsmann

In the next season, Klinsmann did not slow down. He scored 16 times in 33 games of the German championship, and also scored 4 goals in 6 matches in the German Cup. At the end of the 1984/85 season, Stuttgart was unable to break into the European Cups.

The third season in the Klinsy swabs alsoheld to a high level. On average, he scored in every second match in the Bundesliga. Jürgen also spent 4 games in European competition and scored with one effective shot.

In the 1987/88 season, the forward scored 19 goals in the championship. This figure was the best in his career in Stuttgart. However, he no longer managed to distinguish himself in any other tournament.

The next season was the last for Jürgen Klinsmann in Stuttgart. In the championship of the German Bundesliga striker played only 25 matches. Total for the season, he spent 37 games in which he scored 19 times.


In 1989, Klinsmann left Stuttgart. He had a number of offers from leading German clubs, but Jurgen decided to leave his homeland and try his hand at other championships.

The 1989/90 season was the first of threeheld by Klinsi as part of Inter Milan. The German goleador continued to fulfill his main duties qualitatively and in Serie A. In 37 matches of the season he managed to be different 15 times.

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The following year as part of the club from Milan becamevery saturated. Jürgen took part in 49 fights. At the time of his career, it was the longest season. In the 33 matches of the domestic championship held Klinsmann scored 14 goals. In European competition, he played in 12 games and scored three times. In the Italian Cup, the leader of the Internationale attack failed to score at least 1 goal - all 4 times Klinsmann left the field with a zero in the “Goals” column.

The 1991/92 season was the last for Klinsi tothe composition of the Italian grandee and one of the worst in the career of a German. 31 times appeared on the Klinsmann field in Serie A, but scored only 7 times. Another goal in his asset, he wrote in the cup game. In total, for “Internazionale”, Jurgen conducted 123 fights for three seasons and hit the gates of the club rivals from Milan 40 times.


In the summer of 1992, Klinsmann again changed the team and the championship. The 1992/93 football season began as part of the French Monaco. In the first year for Monegasque, the German scored 19 goals in Ligue 1.

Then hitter performance in frenchchampionship fell. Klinsy entered the field 30 times within the framework of the French championship and scored only 10 goals. Twice more German scored in the French Cup. In just two years in Monaco, Jürgen Klinsmann had 84 matches and scored 35 goals.

Tottenham Hotspur

The 1994/95 season was one of the best for a German career. In the summer of 1994, he decided to try his hand in the English Premier League by signing a contract with Tottenham London.

For the "spurs" forward spent only one season. The period in London was the best for Jurgen in many respects. He took part in 50 matches and scored 29 goals.

"Bayern Munich"

Successful performance in England made the bossesMunich "Bavaria" to pay attention to Klinsmann. They did everything possible to return the striker to their homeland. And they succeeded. In the summer of 1995, Jürgen signed a contract with a grandee of German football.

Jurgen Klinsmann photo

For two years, Munich striker has played 84 matches andscored 48 goals. In the 1995/96 season, the striker scored 31 times, which was the best indicator in his professional football career. Jürgen Klinsmann helped Bayern win the UEFA Cup by scoring 15 goals in the tournament.

Sampdoria and the end of a player’s career

The year 1997 became the point when the career of a German football star began to decline. He began the 1997/98 season as part of the Italian Sampdoria, and continued in English Tottenham on loan.

For the club from the Italian championship, Jürgen spent 10 matches and scored two goals. Things in the submarine, the Germans were a little better. In 18 fights for “spurs” in domestic tournaments, Klinsmann scored 9 goals.

At the end of the 1997/98 season, the forward acceptedthe decision to hang the boots on a nail. In 2003, Klinsmann briefly resumed his football career, signing an agreement with Orange County Star Star. For the American club, the German played only 8 matches and scored 5 goals.

Career coach

Jurgen Klinsmann began his coaching biographywriting in 2004, when he was appointed as the head coach of the German national team. The young specialist understood that the game of the twentieth century is in the past and does not work, and all German football needed to be restarted.

jurgen klinsmann career coach

Rudy Feller, who trained the team until 2004,I did not trust young footballers and always relied on experienced fighters. At Euro 2004, the average age of the German national team was 27 years. Klinsmann immediately began rejuvenating the squad. For this, the German was strongly criticized by many experts.

Jürgen insisted on a new training systemfootball players. He developed a plan according to which all the country's football schools should be developed. Klinsmann's environment noted that he was a great motivator and forced athletes to play with the soul. Joachim Lev answered for the tactics in the team.

After the success at the home championship for GermanyWorld 2006 photos of Jürgen Klinsmann and Joachim Lev could be seen on all sports tabloids of the country. In 2006, he left the team location, and in 2008 he became the head coach of Bayern Munich. From 2011 to 2016 Jurgen was the head coach of the US team.


As a footballer, Jürgen Klinsmann achieved bigheights As part of the German national team in 1988, he became the bronze medalist of the Olympics and the European Championship. In 1990, the Germans won the world championship. In 1992, Klinsman became the silver medalist at the European Championships, and after 4 years he managed to win gold at Euro 1996. In total for the national team of Germany Jurgen scored 47 goals in 108 fights.

In 1991 and 1996, Klinsmann won the UEFA Cup with Inter and Bayern, respectively. In 1994 and 1998 he was recognized as the best player in Germany, and in 1995 in England.

jurgen klinsmann statistics

Coach career with Jürgen Klinsmann was not so bright. In 2006, at the head of the Bundesmanshaft, he won bronze at the Mundiale, after which he was recognized as Germany's football coach of the year.

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