The fastest horse in the world: power that is not subject to man

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Horses are animals that have been striking in all agespeople with their strength, power, grace, beauty, endurance. But the main characteristic of a horse is speed. So, which horse in the world is the fastest, we will consider.

People who participate in races often argue among themselves, whose horse is the fastest, as this factor determines the future of the horse and its owner.

the fastest horse in the world

The fastest horse in the world: what kind of breed

Throughout the history of equestrianismSports the title of the fastest, fastest and strongest horses belongs to the English thoroughbred mounts. Now they are no longer associated with England, and their origins are often forgotten. This is due to the fact that immediately after the public learned about the characteristics of riding horses, they began to breed in all countries where horse racing takes place.

60 km / h is the average speed,which is easily developed by horses of this breed. Thoroughbred horses have a special structure of the trunk, which helped them to become leaders. They have a lean body, developed musculature and long legs. In addition, their difference from horses of other breeds is an incomparably large heart. When running, it beats 140 beats per minute. For comparison: a race horse of another breed showed the maximum result - 60 beats per minute.

Thoroughbred horses

The breed of English thoroughbred mountswas artificially bred for fast running. People call them an ideal breed to this day, and the speed, power and grace of these horses make them look again and again, as if under hypnosis.

Fast running method

What is the maximum rate ofto achieve a horse, depends also on the choice of the way of running. So, the fastest race for a horse is a canter. Its essence lies in the fact that the horse does not rush along the ground with a head, it constantly hangs in the air. For an animal such a run is very convenient, and the rider must rise above the seat, making the task easier for the horse.

It is known that a wild horse of any breed runsgallop only in case of danger. It very quickly overcomes huge distances, but, as a rule, does not run more than 3 km. A fast canter on average allows horses to travel at a speed of 60 km / h, but there is another kind of canter - slow. When using it, the animal is accelerated to a maximum of 20 km / h.

What speed can the horse develop?

Remember: with what feet the horse starts to run, in that direction it is easier to turn it then. If the right leg of the horse first moved from the place, then turning to the right in her performance will be brilliant and graceful, the rider should know about this.

What speed can the horse develop?

Anyone who is versed in equestrian sports, orjust an amateur to look at these handsome men knows that the world speed record belongs to Beach Raquit. This event was recorded in Mexico City and dates back to 1945. Then the public said that Allah himself let out such a beautiful horse. 69.69 km / h - a global indicator that for many years no one could repeat. For comparison: the average speed of a car moving along the road is about 70 km / h!

The fastest horse in the world

Later, in 1993, a racehorse of the same breednicknamed Onil Roll was able to repeat the Beach Score record, but no one has surpassed it yet. So the fastest horse in the world is a title shared by two handsome stallions.

And over time, another thoroughbred horsea horse named Siglevi Slave reached a result of 69.3 km / h. He was also remembered by a large audience. This is also a record, despite the fact that the speed of Siglevi is slightly lower than previous horses. This distance the stallion ran without a rider, which he would manage.

Features that are worth considering

The fastest horse in the world is a title, towhich can approach only English thoroughbred horses. Other breeds are physically unable to overcome such distances so quickly. But a record in the studbook about the appropriation of this breed can only be obtained by horses with an impeccable pedigree, without any exceptions.

All records, listed by us earlier, is an indicator of average speed of horses on a short distance. Nobody knows what the maximum speed these stallions developed during the race.

Remember, long distances weary horses, and theirspeed at the end is significantly reduced, in connection with which another horse has achieved worldwide recognition. John Henry in 1977, running a distance of 2.4 km, reached an average speed of 60.7 km / h. This is the fastest horse in the world, and also the most hardy, which deservedly bears the title of the most famous, according to many experts.


The photo shows the strength, energy and power that are inherent in the horses of a thoroughbred horse. Without admiration to look at these pictures is impossible.

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