Spinning ultralight - one of the most popular to date

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To date, the spinning ultralight is experiencing a peak of its popularity. It began five years ago, and over the past three years it has become very fashionable and prestigious.

spinning ultralight

The reasons for this surge in popularity are few. Firstly, in connection with the fishing pressure in the central reservoirs of Russia, fishermen increasingly began to return empty-handed. Spinnings ultralight in this respect give some advantages, because it is much easier to catch fish on the micro-bait. Secondly, athletes, for whom it is unacceptable to leave without any catch, also contributed to the propagation of this spinning. Well, and the third reason, which contributed to the increase of interest in ultralight spinning, was the appearance of a large number of micro-lures in fishing stores. They were followed by special fishing rods and gear elements for "jewelry" fishing.

Speaking of ultralight, it should be noted thathe gives the fisherman unusual feelings with respect to the sensation of bait and the fight with the cut fish. To describe the process there is no sense, because it is better to experience spinning in practice once, and then everything will become clear.

UltraLight Spinnings

Ultralight (spinning) with skillful usecan bring in more fish than a float rod, a feeder or a conventional spinning rod. Surprisingly, the size of the extraction is not less, and often even more than the standard spinning.

If something serious is cracked, what happensquite often, the chances of an angler and his prey equalize. Considering the fact that ultralight spinning is not the cheapest, there arises a sharp question: "Will you tear the fishing line, break the rod, or will you do it?".

Until now, we have not decided whichThe rods (with which test) can be considered ultralight. Some believe that such a rod should have a test of not more than 5-6 g, while others argue that it is necessary to include spinners with a test of 10-12 g.

ultralight spinning

Recently, manufacturers have startedsubdivide the ultralight rods into groups: ultralight with a test from a tenth of a gram to 5-6 g and an order of magnitude more powerful, which are also considered ultralight, but with a test of 10-12 grams.

For example, the world famous American rod G / Loomis STR 1141S with a test from 1/16 to 3/8 ounces, which in grams from 1.8 to 10.6, is declared as ultralight in all catalogs.

To such rods high demands are made. Spinning ultralight should be with high sensitivity, far throw, have good quality of the blank, fittings and be properly assembled. Such requirements are due to the fact that when biting a large fish any failure will lead to breakage of the rod. Despite the elegance, the ultralight spinning should be strong enough.

As for the power of the rods, and according to their lengths, there is nounified opinion. In the catalogs of various firms, spinnings from 1.5 to 2.7 meters long are found. The choice of a certain length of the rod depends solely on the conditions of catching: the size of the pond, the coastal vegetation, etc.

Recently, fishermen began to useSpinnings up to 3 meters long. This is due to the fact that a large number of fishermen have mastered fishing on rivers and bays with the help of ultralight. The golden mean is a rod length from 1.8 to 2 meters. It is suitable for fishing on creeks, and on large rivers.

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