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Very many women consider the waist and sides the mostthe problematic places in terms of fat deposits, which has its own reasons. It is with the "spreading" of the waist that the unpleasant process of obesity begins. In addition, from the waist begins the evaluation of the figure: if the waist "swam", no matter how beautiful the hands and slender legs - the impression of the figure will be spoiled. But there are pluses in working on deposits in the waist and sides: if you drive fat from the legs and hips is problematic enough, then it leaves relatively quickly from the waist. In the event that you competently picked up exercises for the waist and sides and do not be lazy to perform them, very soon you will be able to boast of an "aspen pit".

There is an opportunity to get rid of unnecessarykilograms, not exhausting yourself by brutal training and not attending the gym. There is a very pleasant way to perform exercises for a beautiful waist: twist the hoop! You need to buy a hula-hoop and twist it at the waist for half an hour or forty-five minutes every day. Such trainings are good because they can be combined with other activities. For example, you can watch a movie and at the same time twist a hula-hoop. You can supplement lessons with the hoop with other sets of exercises.

There are also exercises for the waist and sides,which are performed on the fitball. Fitball is a big ball that is used for exercise. On the fitball you need to sit down while keeping your back straight. The shoulders are slightly retracted, the feet are pressed to the floor. We roll fitball with the help of pelvic muscles, in the right side and in the left. The body must remain stationary. This exercise is designed for oblique abdominal muscles. The next exercise: stand up straight, put the fitball on the right hand. The left leg should be put forward and bend at the knee. The right hand should be put on the fitball, the left one - put behind the head. Perform inclinations to the left and right, the thighs should be still. Perform 6-12 approaches on each side.

There are also exercises for the waist and sides thatare performed with dumbbells. You need to stand upright, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. Take the dumbbells in your hands. Tilt to the right, we lift the dumbbell in the left hand. Then we return to the starting position and repeat everything also, but the slope is done to the left. You need to do twenty approaches in each direction.

In conclusion - a set of exercises, in whichincludes exercises for slimming the waist. Standing position, back straight, legs shoulder-width apart, arms at waist. We move the shoulders to the right side, keep the arms at the waist, pull the body behind the shoulders. Do ten approaches to each side. The following exercise is performed in the prone position. Arms for the head, legs bend at the knees and raise. We try to reach the right elbow to the left knee and vice versa. Follow 6-12 approaches for each side. Then lie down on the floor. Turn over on the right side and lay your right hand behind your head. Unfold your shoulders so that you can see the ceiling. Perform lifts on fifteen approaches from each side. The next exercise. Lie down on your right side, leaning on your elbow. Place your left hand along the body. Then lift the body so that you end up with a straight line. The essence of the exercise is that the body does not "sag", it is aimed at training the oblique muscles of the abdomen and the muscles of the back.

In addition to the exercises are good to use the followingreceptions. Include in the diet whole-grain foods that contribute to fat burning. Increase the proportion of fiber in your daily diet. Forget about fast food and flour! It is carbohydrates, not proteins and fats that contribute to the formation of fat deposits at the waist. If you perform these simple rules and exercises for the waist and sides, a slender waist will be for you not a mirage, but a reality.

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