Oleg Kononov - the career of a talented coach, leading the clubs to victories

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Oleg Kononov is a Belarusian and RussianFootball player, who previously acted as a defender and midfielder. He was born on March 23 in 1966, in the city of Kursk. At the moment he is a football coach, but previously he had a rather fruitful playing career. Well, all this should be told in more detail.

oleg Kononov

Replace clubs

The first team in which Oleg began to performKononov, was FC Iskra from Smolensk. There he performed in 1984 year. In 1986 he moved to "Dnepr" from Mogilev, and there he stayed for two years. During this time, the player entered the field 70 times and issued 8 goals. In 1989 he moved to Zarya from Voroshilovgrad. In this team he did not stay long - played only 8 matches. The next club was "KIM". There he stayed for three years.

Then, in 1992, Oleg Kononov got into the circleinterests of German teams and received a favorable offer from Freiburg. But even there he did not stay long - he was only a season. After that, he spent a year in Vitebsk "Locomotive", then in "Dvina" and "Builder", and in 1995 he became a player of the Polish FC "Rukh". Finished playing game Oleg Kononov already in his homeland, in Belarus. A year he played for "Naftan" and another the same - in the Minsk "Torpedo". In 1999, he completed his career as a player.

oleg Kononov biography

Coaching activities

After the completion of the playing career, Oleg Kononovdecided to engage in coaching. He started with the club in which he finished playing. And this is Minsk Torpedo. Initially, he was appointed assistant head coach. Then, from 2005 to 2008, he supervised the junior academy "Sheriff" (Moldova). During the time the club was under the control of such a talented and promising coach as Oleg Kononov, the team won the Moldavian championship four times (in a row). Plus, the "Sheriff" won the Super Cup of the country.

For a while Oleg Kononov, whose biographyquite interesting, led the Lviv team "Carpathians". For his efforts, he was even awarded the Order of St. George, who was awarded for significant achievements in the development of sports in the city of Lviv. But in 2011 I decided to leave for another place.

Since 2012, he led a team of Russiancity-hero - "Sevastopol." Not surprisingly, the team under his leadership ahead of schedule, four rounds before the final match of the season, became the winner of the first division and thanks to this got to the Premier League.

 Oleg Kononov photo

Career in "Krasnodar"

Oleg Kononov, photo of which is presented above, inIn 2013 he was appointed the senior coach of the football club "Krasnodar", which is now one of the best in Russia. In mid-November, by the way, he received Russian citizenship. So the club was relieved of the obligation to pay as much as five million rubles as a tax for a foreign coach. After that, Oleg became the head of the club. Under his leadership, the team for the first time in its history fell into the European Cups and the final of the Cup of Russia. And a year later the club climbed to the third line of the Premier League ranking. So "Krasnodar" won the very first medals in its history. And we can assume that this is not the last of their victory under Oleg Kononov, a talented head coach.

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