Sniper rifle "Tiger". "Tiger" (rifle): the price, the characteristics

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Often on the Internet, you can seethe user's arguments about what all the same advantages are the hunting rifle "Tiger". But users often do not take into account the fact that the original design bureau, in particular, engineers, did not set themselves the task of creating the ideal sniper rifle.

What are we talking about?How do you understand the meaning of the word "ideal"? Look at this need a little from a different point of view, not a template. Suffice it to recall that from the very beginning this rifle was not positioned as a means (note, as a whole, it's not even a possible specification of the weapon) for firing on the head.


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The rifle "Tiger" was built on the basesniper rifle SVD. During the development, unique technologies were used that helped to get at the exit no less unique weapons that solved not one or two problems, but their wide range. The rifle is also intended for use by its civilians.

From military to civilian

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Agree that in our country very muchAre the weapons redesigns popular? It's about traumatic models, for example. The same Makarov pistol, Tokarev's pistol, the Kalashnikov assault rifle and machine gun, which are embodied in the civilian version in the carbines "Saiga-12" and "Vepr-12". Yes, frankly speaking, the alterations of military weapons are not only popular in Russia.

Let's do a little lyricalretreat. As is known, some models of weapons (both domestic and foreign), in view of the mechanisms and structures modified over time, are simply unclaimed. In simple terms, weapons are morally obsolete. In the troops no one used such models, as new models appeared that successfully passed field tests and literally eclipsed their predecessors in terms of tactical and technical characteristics.

Accordingly, the choice remained not so muchrich: either let the old models of weapons into recycling, or somehow process them, then release them back into operation. The first option was, according to the calculations of specialists, very expensive. But the second way could become more profitable.

Thus, it was decided to reworkcombat models in civilian counterparts intended for self-defense. So, in fact, and there were the first traumatic pistols. We have it, for example, MP-371, as well as the pistol "Leader", remade from the same old, good, but morally outdated TT. In these types of weapons, it should be noted, the trunk is often replaced by an imitator.

The same story is observed in the case ofmodel "Tiger". The rifle, whose price is about 50 000 rubles, is currently a hunting carbine, intended to a certain extent for hunting.

Perhaps, we have just the mentality of the nation.Although in our country in such a class it is difficult to find sane models of hunting weapons. That is why the reworking of military weapons in Russia is valued.

What are good Russian carbines?

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Certainly, it is ideal to name carbinesdomestic production is impossible. But how can any weapon be ideal? No: each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. But what can be said unequivocally is the fact that hunting carbines, developed by Russian engineers, are very, very reliable weapons.

This, in turn, was made possible byworked up to the smallest details of a design. It is precisely these strengths that attract our fellow-hunters, unobtrusively forcing their choice in favor of Russian weapons models.

Imported weapons samples produced by Westerncompanies, have always been not just complex, but extremely complex in terms of design. And somehow it seems that they will continue to be so. They like in the West very different "gadgets" to use in the manufacture of weapons. At us - on the contrary. On the first place practicality and reliability are put, and already on the second plan beauty is put forward.

SVD. Rifle "Tiger". History of creation

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Many experts who know a lot of weaponsinteresting, often give jokes to the famous trilinear. For example, such a plan. If a soldier falls into the river M-16, she stops shooting. The AK-74 fell - so you can pick it up, clean it and fire again. But if it fell into the water three-line, then it can be used as an oar.

The joke is, of course, somewhat outdated and simple,but in today's topic it should be regarded as a fact. Three-line was excellent in terms of reliability of weapons, but in the light of the release of SVD, it simply lost its popularity. And quickly enough. Debut, if you can call him that, the Dragunov rifle took place in 1963.

In the history of the creation of an SVD, a lot is enoughinteresting facts, but we will not consider them in this article, since it is not about Evgeny Dragunov's rifle, but about its hunting modification. What, in principle, will be further discussed.

Brief characteristics of the rifle "Tiger"

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This weapon is, as was said before,hunting modification of the legendary SVD. The caliber did not change at all: the same good old 7.62-millimeter cartridge. However, the ammunition used as an ammunition in the "Tiger" is equipped with semi-shell bullets.

The weight of the bullet is about 13 grams.Note the fact that the cartridges are marked as follows: "7.62х54R" and "7.62х53R". The technical passport of the model can tell the user that the rifle is intended for hunting activities, the purpose of which is a large and medium-sized beast. Recall that the "Tiger" - rifle, the price of which is around 50 000 rubles.

The descent of the "Tiger" from the conveyors

The first copies of the "Tiger" were released inlate seventies. He guided the development of weapons, of course, Evgeni Dragunov. Currently, there are two variations of the carbine: with the standard name (sniper rifle "Tiger"), as well as with a numerical addition ("Tiger-1"). The last variation was developed taking into account the American requirements for weapons, that is, for the most part is intended for export to the US and the European Union countries, rather than for use in our conditions.

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