The norm of calories per day for a woman: on what it depends

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To achieve weight loss is rather difficult becauseenergy needs of a person are small, and most food is very caloric. In addition, some manufacturers are developing special formulas for the ratio of fats, carbohydrates and salt in food. Such food easily forms dependence. Examples: chocolate bars, cakes, ice cream, instant noodles. It is not easy in such conditions to remain within the limits of what is permitted. And what is the norm of calories per day for a woman?

Estimated value

calories per day for women

In modern reference books (not Soviet)indicate a norm of 2000 kcal for working mentally. However, this figure often has to be corrected. How can in principle calculate how much you can eat without the risk of getting better, how many calories a day is the norm? It is more often adjusted to smaller values. The only reliable way to determine the flow at rest is to study thermal radiation from the body. All other methods sin inaccuracy.

More than normal

The expenditure of calories in many respects depends on the areasurface of the body, that is, the metabolism of complete people in most cases is much more active than in lean. The norm of calories per day for a woman can be up to 2500 kcal. And if she also does sports on a regular basis, she works physically, then the need can be even 3000 kcal per training or working day. If you want to lose weight to fat people, it is often enough to limit the calorie intake to 1500 calories - and a quick weight loss starts (1 kg per week).

Growth matters

how many calories per day is the norm

The norm of calories per day for a woman of small statureless than for higher women. Therefore, for example, the Japanese (and Japanese) often eat less than 1200 kcal per day, while not losing weight. If your height is less than 160 cm, it is likely that the needs will be much lower than that of a girl who grew to 175 cm.

Time is inexorable

The rate of calorie intake per day depends on theage. In women of different ages, all other things being equal, the difference can be 400-500 kcal. Many gain weight gradually because of an unnoticeable slowdown in metabolic processes over the years. If time to take action, then you can begin to look better in 40 years than in 25.

We are so different

calorie intake per day

The norm of calories a day for a woman is still very strongdepends on the features of the constitution, that is, on the ratio of fat and muscle mass. If you are smaller in volume than women of the same height and weight, then, most likely, you are in a favorable situation, and you can eat more for 100-200 kcal to maintain weight than individuals with a lot of fat.

If you, like the majority, do not have the opportunitycontact the medical center for an accurate measurement of the basal metabolic rate, accept 2000 for the original figure. Then try to observe a two-week diet of 1500 kcal. If you lose weight by 1 kg or more, most likely, your rate is really 2000 kcal per day. But keep in mind that with the experience of diets, this figure can drop to 1500 or less, and therefore you will lose weight. To prevent this unpleasant scenario, sign up for strength training in a group or buy a subscription to the gym. This will help to save muscle mass, but because the rate of calorie intake per day will change slightly.

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