Running on the spot to lose weight at home: how many calories can you burn?

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Is running is useful on the spot
nutrition, play sports, at some pointthinks: "Is running is useful on the spot?". Running by itself is one of the best physical activities that develops endurance, gives health and a beautiful, slim body shape. Exercise "running in place" evenly loads all the muscles of the body and does not require any expensive equipment. And undoubtedly its plus is a good mood.

But one only running on the spot will not give youslender body. Weight loss is only 30% dependent on exercise. The remaining 70% belong to proper nutrition. If you do not comply with even the elementary rules of healthy eating, then running on the spot will be just a pleasant addition, nothing more.

"Prokhindiada, or Running on the spot": a positive effect on the body

The impact of running on the ground is similar to ordinaryjogging. At this time, the muscles get a softer, non-traumatic physical load. There is a training and developing tension for the heart and blood vessels, as well as the musculoskeletal system. This increases the endurance of the body and improves metabolic processes. Running on the ground involves almost all muscle groups. Undoubtedly, the posture from this exercise only gets better.

running in place of calories
When running on the spot, energy is expended fromcalculating 100 calories in 15-20 minutes. If you run continuously for half an hour, you can burn up to 280 calories (the average person weight is 58-60 kg). With active lifting of the legs, more calories are consumed. Running strongly warms up the body, which requires additional costs. Therefore, the body begins to take this energy from the fat deposits.

To increase the load, you can applyweighting for the feet, dumbbells for the hands, change the pace and rhythm of the movements. When running on the spot, active sweating begins, which removes slags and waste products from the body.

Running on the spot makes you actively breathe, and you saturate the whole body with oxygen. Your body will quickly thank you for your excellent work.

Exercise Options

Many girls are afraid to run around the parks orjust on the streets, so running on the spot for weight loss will be a safe alternative. In addition, you do not have to pick up clothes at every change of weather. Do not need to look for a special room, you can run at home and at home. The only thing that needs to be paid much attention is the selection of the right shoes to avoid joint injuries.


Normal jogging gives the necessary horizontalcomponent, which makes the load more significant. On the contrary, running on the spot is performed on a completely flat surface, which reduces these loads. Many very quickly get bored with monotony and monotony.

In addition, with this exercise, the main load falls on the calves of the legs, and, therefore, they are actively developing. But this is a heavy enough zone, so it takes a very long time to develop them.

Turning shortcomings into virtues

running on the spot reviews
To increase the load or change itinfluence, it is often necessary to change the pace of running. It will be useful to lift the heels, knees, and legs overlap. In addition, it is desirable to use weighting for the legs, performing the exercise "running in place." Calories in this case will be wasted more intensively.

It's easy to fight with monotony. It is enough to add stimulating music, and the exercise will immediately become brighter. You can watch TV shows, movies (for example, "Prokhindiada, or Run on the spot"), record lectures, conduct exercises on the balcony (add fresh air) and much more.

You can add additional exercises for the development of other muscle groups. This will lose more calories.

It is necessary to find an effective motivation, to start to engage regularly with a positive attitude, and your body will begin to transform into the better.

Technique of exercise "running on the spot"

To lose weight at home it will be enough to run on the spot for 20-30 minutes.

running in place for losing weight
After that, you can go to, for example, exercises on the press.

Learning to run on the spot is not so difficult. We stand facing the wall, lean forward a little, the back remains flat, and the press is retracted. We put our hands on the wall and begin alternately to raise and lower our legs, bending them in the lap. Remember that you can not unbend the knee joints "until they click". Thus, we practice the correct position of the body - a slight inclination forward. If we pull it back, the load will be transferred to the hip joints, which is very harmful. Once you learn how to run with the correct slope of the body, you can go to the control of the foot.

Legs should always be gently torn off the floor. We land gently on the front of the foot. If you jump on your fingers, then reset the eggs. And always remember one thing - you can not flap your heels on the floor that there are forces. Imagine that a child is sleeping in the next room, and you are afraid to wake him up.

Simple jogging without jumping: the leg should be placed from the heel to the toe. Try to alternate the legs as quickly as possible, without removing the knees above the parallel with the floor. The abdomen is tightened, the body is straightened, the arms are either bent at the elbows and pressed to the body, or as if running normally.

Simple jogging with jumps: the feet touch the floor with only the arch of the foot. As soon as the foot has fallen to the floor, immediately jump up and change your legs. Do not unbend them forcefully. They should remain slightly bent during the entire movement. The loin will be protected by a tight press.

Shuttle Run. It's more like a move in a closedspace. For example, you can run from one wall to another. This style helps burn calories, because when turning or turning a large number of muscles are involved.

What muscles work

As mentioned earlier, during thisExercises are actively developing gastrocnemius muscles. Running in place to lose weight at home improves balancing. This makes it possible in the future to easily perform jumps, walk long distances and run.

Quadriceps also develop. These muscles are responsible for stability and endurance. It is thanks to them that the body can stand and walk.

Time for home jogging

running at home for slimming at home
In days of strength training you can arrange running on the spot for losing weight at home for 20-30 minutes. This can replace the morning exercise.

The rest of the days you can use interval runningon the spot. How many calories are burned at the same time depends on how you act. First, warm up (normal walking), then alternate 2 minutes of fast running, 1 - jumps, and 2 - restorative slow running in place. The latter can be replaced by hula-hoop or work on the health drive. Effective weight loss will be active provided that you spend about 200 minutes a week on cardio.

Recommendations for implementation

Like any workout, running on the spot requireswarm-up. You can do a little exercise, or walk around the room a little. Thus, metabolism is triggered and the load on the cardiovascular system is reduced. The room where you are going to run should be well ventilated.

An hour before classes and within an hour after it is undesirable to eat. You can only drink water.

Running on the spot for losing weight at home can be done at any time of the day. It all depends on when you have time and when you are ready for classes.

The first time is better to run for 5-7minutes. Each training can increase in time by 1-2 minutes. A large load can not be given immediately, this will cause overfatigue and there will be a krepature.

You can breathe during class only with your nose. In extreme cases, exhale through the mouth. Complete the workout walking around the room for five minutes.

Classes should be held regularly, at least two or three times a week. Everyone is useful running on the spot. The feedback of those who practice regularly confirm this.


First of all, it must be carefully and properlyprotect feet, spine and chest. Therefore, you can not run in slippers, barefoot or simple sneakers. Running sneakers perfectly protect the musculoskeletal system from shock loading. Trauma and sprains can be avoided with the correct fixation of the chest.

exercise running in place

Doctors do not recommend running on the spot in the following cases:

  • strong curvature of the spine;
  • injuries of knees, hip joints and ankles;
  • pregnancy;
  • BMI exceeds 35 (the risk for joints increases, it is better to replace it with soft cardio);
  • varicose disease (however, it is better to consult a doctor - you can run in special compression underwear);
  • exacerbation of hypertension.

Strengthen the effect - the treadmill

running at home for slimming at home

If you want to achieve greater results, thenyou can buy a treadmill. It allows you to monitor the pulse (so it does not go beyond the upper frame), the amount of calories consumed. With its help you can set the desired tempo, build the desired level of tilt. All this will only positively affect your body.

Since the treadmill has an amortized soft surface, during training the muscles and joints will not be subjected to too much stress.

In addition, thanks to this simulator you canto get acquainted with usual sports walking. To lose excess pounds, it is enough to do about half an hour every day. After a while, the load can be increased. The result will not keep you waiting!

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