David Villa: the way to the success of the famous football player

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David Villa (photos are located below) - forwardMadrid Soccer Club "Atletico" and the national Spanish team - was born in a family of a miner in a small town Tuiler on December 3, 1981. Since his childhood, he dreamed of becoming a football player. Father supported the son's love for this sport, so he even trained with him.

David Villa

The first setbacks in football

As a successful football player David Villa could and did notto take place. The reason is a fracture of the right hip, which he received at the age of four. Because of this, he was forced to spend about six months in a cast. However, thanks to the support of his father, he continued to practice and practice strokes with a healthy left foot, which helped him further in the future.

The player himself has repeatedly admitted that in connection withDisagreements with the coach of the local school, he at all in his time could quit playing football. The fact is that the mentor did not give him a lot of game practice, so Villa almost always spent on the bench for spare. However, with the support of the pope, he found the strength to continue the struggle.

Start a professional career

First attempt to enroll in schoolHe also failed in a professional club. Representatives of Oviedo then said that they do not see enough potential from such a player as David Villa. Biography of him as a football player began with the club "Mareo" from the town of Langreo, where he moved to the age of 17 years. A year later, the guy received an invitation from the Gijón "Sporting", whose academy gave the football world such talents as Luis Enrique, Angulo and Keeney.

The season of 2000/2001 became for David the debut onprofessional level. Then he began to get into the starting lineup of the team quite often. This allowed him to score forty goals scored in less than two years, and the "Sporting" has risen to the highest Spanish football division.

David Villa photo


In 2003, the club turned out to be quitedifficult financial situation, so I had to sell David. In the summer, he signed a contract with Zaragoza, which established his annual salary of three million euros. Problems with the adaptation of the striker did not arise, a bright confirmation of which were 17 goals scored in the "Example". In the final match of the Spanish national cup in 2004, David Villa one of the goals scored helped his team beat Madrid "Real". The victory in this tournament subsequently gave him the opportunity to make his debut internationally - in the UEFA Cup.


Speaking for "Zaragoza", the football player receivedrecognition throughout the country. Here, local grants began to pay attention to him. As a result - in 2005 David moved to "Valencia", speaking for which, in the first season he was able to score 25 goals in 37 games. According to this indicator, he took second place in the championship after Camerooness Samuel "It's from Barcelona." Later in the season 2008/2009, David Villa scored 28 goals, thus repeating a record that lasted 65 years.

David Villa Biography


In May 2010, the Catalan "Barcelona" laid outfor the transfer of this attacker amounting to 42 million euros. At the same time, in the contract of the player, calculated for four years, a salary of 7 million euros per year was registered. The excitement around this transfer was so high that about 46 thousand spectators visited the presentation ceremony of the new football player. As part of his new team, David made his debut in the match against Sevilla in the Super Cup of Spain. And already in the first match of the Spanish championship against "Racing" he managed to excel with a scored goal.

During the semifinal game at the club championshippeace, which took place in December 2011 in Japan, the forward was injured with his left leg, which prevented him from taking part in the European Championship as part of the national team of the country. To official performances, the player returned on August 11, 2012. It should be noted that over the years of performances in the "Barcelona" he managed to become a triumphant in all the most prestigious competitions. Be that as it may, in 2013, for 5.1 million euros, he moved to the club "Atletico Madrid", thereby starting a new stage of his career.

Team Spain

David Villa has made great strides inperformances for the national Spanish team. In particular, he became the record holder in the number of goals scored. The gate of his rivals in official tournaments he hit 56 times. It should be noted that the previous record (44 goals) belonged to the legendary Raul. During the performances in the national team he managed to win the title of European and world champion.

Personal life

David Villa and his wife

David Villa and his wife, Patricia Gonzalezmet as a child. The marriage between them was concluded in 2003. No matter how surprising it was, but the wife of a famous player professionally engaged in football in her youth. The family has three children - two girls and a boy. A curious fact is that the average daughter is named after the wife of Fernando Torres, who has long been friends with Patricia Gonzalez.

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