How to take a geyner without harming the body?

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To date, there are many differentpower engineers, but most of them do not give the expected result. The thing is that a beginner athlete can not correctly choose that sports nutrition, which will benefit and the desired result.

How will you decide on the choice of energy? It's pretty simple. If you are a beginner athlete or just want to tighten your muscles, increase muscle mass, make your body embossed, then it's best to take advantage of a geyner. Of course, they differ among themselves, and each is used to achieve different goals. Having chosen the necessary geyner, the composition of the elements of which is best suited for picking your body, begin to work hard. But do not forget that choosing the best mass gainer is only half the battle, but knowing how to take a geyner and in what doses is the way to success.

As a rule, sports nutrition includesa large amount of carbohydrates and protein. If we talk about proteins, then in geyner they make up 20-45% per dose, the rest of the sports nutrition is carbohydrates, vitamins and various supplements containing creatine or amino acids.

If you know how to take a geyner, so thatyou will also be able to experience the effect of "carbohydrate congestion" - this is the state of the body in which all the muscles of the body after a hard workout do not get tired, and the body itself is able to assimilate much more carbohydrates than under normal load.

It is necessary to distinguish between the gainers, since eachcontains in its composition different carbohydrates. If you want to increase weight, the best weight gainer will be one based on a mixture of carbohydrates with a high capacity of glycemic components. How to take a geyner is indicated in the special instruction that is contained in the package. The necessary weight gain is due to a strong increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. Gainers containing carbohydrates with a small amount of glycemic substances are used to collect a dry muscle mass. This effect is achieved due to a slight increase in the amount of sugar in the blood, but it persists for a long time.

It should pay attention to the fact that farNot everyone is encouraged to take geyners, especially those who are prone to fatness. How to take a geyner under these circumstances is also indicated in the instructions, the main constant control. In case of non-compliance with the correct intake of sports nutrition, instead of muscles, you can get a good layer of fat. Those who have a lean physique - there is nothing to fear.

Do not forget that the geyner is notcomplex replacement of healthy nutrition, and the addition of beneficial microelements, so a special effect without healthy food can not be achieved. The amount of the mixture taken at a time should not exceed 100 - 150 grams, because the body can not absorb all the useful elements that will come out after a while in a natural way. To receive the powder you need to beat it with a blender or a mixer with milk, and after a meal, drink it.

After breakfast, sports nutrition will give a boostenergy, after an hour you can begin to work hard. The result will not keep you waiting long. After exercise, take the mixture again to restore the spent strength. Sometimes the gainer is taken as an additional food, sometimes when there is no possibility to eat healthy food to restore strength.

Gainer not only promotes the development of muscles,increase in body weight, but also gives a surge of energy for the whole day. And remember that the proper use of sports nutrition will not harm your health, only excessive doses can lead to obesity of the whole organism.

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