Carbines "Vepr": the advantages of weapons

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If we talk about carbines, we can not say about the tactical shotgun "Vepr 12" from the factory "Molot". This carbine is well known to every hunter and is in great demand among the population.

Technical characteristics and disassembly of weapons

This carabiner modification HPE 205 lengthbarrel 420 millimeters, there is a flame arrester, muzzle brake. The latter are necessary for shooting with Magnum cartridges because of insufficient barrel length to extinguish a flash. Carabiners "Vepr" are equipped with a magazine for 8 rounds. You can see a lot of slats for installing additional sighting devices, for example, on the receiver - to attach calimitar optics, on the fore and trunk from below, you can fix the flashlight and assault handle. Two side strips may be needed to install a laser target designator or variations of the listed devices on them. By default, the weapon is equipped with a Hakka calibrated sight with a closed type, with the possibility of adjusting the brightness of the point, its size, vertical and lateral corrections.

Carbines Vepr
Carbines "Vepr" have all the familiar schemeautomation. The disassembly of the weapon is simple: lift the receiver, take out the spring, the bolt frame and the bolt. To remove the forearm, lift the lever, remove the gas pipe (this is an empty cylinder, playing the role of a guide for the piston). At this stage of disassembly, do not forget to take out the pusher tablet. This small piston is the nuance, because of which the hunting rifle "Vepr" (and also "Saiga-12" and "Saiga-20") works reliably, as the surface area increases with the operation of gases. On the 410 version, it's gone. Because of this, their owners can face problems when reloading weapons.

Carbines "Vepr": difference from "Kalash" and "Saiga"

"Vepr 12" is made on the basis of a machine gunKalashnikov. The difference between this carbine and the Kalashnikov assault rifle is that the receiver is made of thicker metal. From the "Saiga" it is different in that the store's shaft is of a tactical type (the shotgun is similar to the M16 rifle). The pistol grip is made comfortable for the hand, the frame folding stock has a "cheek" for adjusting when shooting without optics and calibrator and with them, that is, respectively, is set higher or lower. In addition, the carbine is equipped with a rubber shock absorber. Above it is also an open machine gun type sight, which can be adjusted in height and horizontally.

Carabiner Vepr reviews

Carabiner "Vepr": reviews

Many owners note the reliability of this shotgun in action. Indeed, it is executed qualitatively.

Hunting rifle Vepr
At the Molot plant it is more practical than in Izhevsk,belong to their own development. For example, the convenience (which is equipped with carbines "Vepr" modification 12 HP 205) is the possibility of setting and removing the weapon from the fuse without touching the key, but by pressing the lever with the finger that lies on the trigger. It is also possible to release the shutter delay with a single click of the button next to the trigger. This brutal assault weapon, manufactured in Russia, fell in love even in America - the overseas police buys it for its stormtroopers, which is also an indicator of high quality and reliability.

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