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And let's study the rules of boxing in this article! In fact, what is boxing? This is combat, in which fighters wear specific gloves and punch each other with their fists: a contact kind of sport. The battle usually lasts from three to twelve rounds. He is controlled by the referee. Victory is awarded only when the enemy is knocked down and within ten seconds can not rise (knockout). The winner is also called in the event that one of the fighters was injured, thanks to which the fight can not continue (knockout technical). If after a certain number of rounds the fight has not ended, the winner is determined by the judges, exposing their estimates.

The very first evidence of such battlesare displayed on Egyptian, Sumerian and Minoan reliefs. Even in ancient Greece there were tournaments on fisticuffs, identical to boxing. In general, boxing became a sport in combat in 688 BC. E., when fisticuffs first appeared in the program of the ancient Olympic Games. In modern form, this sport was born in the UK at the beginning of the XVIII century.

In some states there are own types of martial arts (summer fly in Myanmar, Savat in France, Muay Thai in Thailand), so very often people use the term "English boxing".

Boxing Pro Requirements

And now consider the rules of professional boxing. What are they? It should be noted that in the rules of amateur and specialized duel there are many coincidences and differences.

What is rating? Professional boxers, as a rule, do not have competitions. However, at the moment there is a large number of European and world championships. Perhaps these tournaments will become fashionable. Rating competitions are used in competitions. All boxer defeats, wins and draws are recorded in the consolidated rating list. Always take note of the types of victories - on points or knockouts. The achievements of the fighter on the amateur ring until the status of "pros" are not taken into account.

boxing rules

By the way, each of the main organizations (WBO,WBA, IBR, WBC) have their own, slightly different rules of boxing and their rating sheets. The fighter taking the first place in the ranking of the structure is called a candidate for the world title. Of course, the world champion is not allowed to take part in the rating competitions, but he can organize friendly meetings, which do not go into the credit.

The rules of boxing also allow him to meet withworld leaders on other versions. If a fighter is a world champion in all basic parameters, he is considered an absolute leader (Kostya Dzyu). If he lost the fight, defending the champion belt, a rematch could be appointed. It is interesting that the head of the WBC Jose Suleiman recently announced the intention of the boxing council to hold the first World Cup in the boxing system of professionals.

Age restrictions for pros

The rules of boxing for pros includeage restriction: the boxer can not be under 18 years of age. And it does not matter which fighter experience in boxing for amateurs: his first battle in the career of "pro" he must organize the following formula: four rounds of three minutes. By the way, rating battles usually contain six or eight rounds. The fight for the title of world leader lasts twelve rounds for three minutes.

In general, the formula of a duel, time and date, other limitations of the team conspire a couple of months before it takes place. These are the rules of boxing.

boxing rules in the ring

The fighter's opponent is also determined in advance. Thanks to this you can learn the skill of opponents and determine the tactical scheme. In Russia, a boxer can compete for the title of champion of the Russian Federation only if he has fought two rounds of six rounds and two fights in eight rounds.


The rules of boxing in the ring are controlled by the judges: three side and the referee. The supervisor, the timekeeper, the doctor, the informant judge are also involved in the match. At the rating competitions, the side referees and the referees receive an invitation from the promoter. For the championship competitions, the panel of judges is appointed by the organization, which initiates the battle.

And you know that the rules of boxing in the ring are bindingperform? The ring has its own boss - the referee, who controls everything that happens on it. The points awarded to each boxer are taken into account by the side judge. He informs the referee of the data after the completion of each round, displayed in the judicial notes.

For the number of breaks and rounds, their duration is observed by the timekeeper. And who prepares and informs all guests about the boxers, the judging panel? Of course, the judge is an informant.

The supervisor works in exactly the same way as the chief referee in amateur battles. He also oversees the movement of finance (prize funds, transportation costs, and so on).

 amateur boxing rules

It is interesting that each boxer can have no more thanfour seconds. One of them is the main one and can be inside the ring during breaks. On the platform of the ring can not rise more than two seconds.


The rules of the game in the box provide for countingpoints, which are led by the side judges. The winner of the round receives 10 points, and the loser - at least six. It is interesting that the electronic scoring system is prohibited.

In the championship bouts are usually eliminatedresult. How? Yes, just with the same number of points earned by fighters, the victory is awarded to the boxer, who won more rounds. When passing a verdict, the judges also take into account the force of the blow (unlike the amateurs). Here, three light strokes correspond to one hard one.

The rules of work in boxing also pay attention toheavy blows and blows, leading to knockout. Most often the preference in the round is given to the fighter, who sent the opponent in a knockdown. And violations here are limited to the same framework as in amateur boxing.

Rules of non-professional boxing

Today, AIBA has approved new rules: they entered into force in 2013. Are there age restrictions? Yes, the rules of amateur boxing offer such age categories:

  • Younger boys are 12 years old.
  • Boys of middle age are 13-14 years old.
  • Senior girls and boys are 15-16 years old.
  • Girls and boys are 17-18 years old.
  • Women and men are 19-34 years old.

Depending on the age of the rules of amateur boxing, there are restrictions on the number of competitions for a certain period:

  • Boys under 15: two fights in 30 days.
  • Girls and boys 15-16 years: three fights in 15 days, five fights in 30 days.
  • Women and men: four fights in 15 days, five fights in 30 days.

And what are the rules of the boxing competition for amateurs? In this sport, beginners are allowed to compete only after three months of training.

In general, according to the requirements of AIBA, children from 17 to 34 years old can participate in international competitions.

Fighting amateurs

All tournaments of amateur boxing are held according to the Olympic rules - for elimination. For different groups of fighters there is such a formula of battles:

  • Boys 12-14 years: debutants and the third category fight three fights for one minute, and the first and second rank - for one and a half minutes.
  • Guys of 15-16 years, women and girls: debutants fight three rounds (one minute each), and the first grade and above - two minutes each.
  • Men and women: beginners - three bouts of one and a half minutes, and the first grade and above - four bouts of two minutes.

It should be noted that on the Russian absoluteThe tournament formula is five rounds in two minutes. Very often battles are conducted under agreements. In this variant, the combat formula can be three or four rounds (three minutes each), or five to six rounds (two minutes each).

And if a tournament is held at a scale higher thanregional? In this case, the participants have a fight according to the clean time: different breaks during the competitions are not taken into account. By the way, there is always one minute to rest between bouts.

boxing rules

Well, here we are a little and studied the basic rules of boxing. We continue our hard work. So, competitions in amateur boxing are divided into team, personal and personal-team.

In private competitions, the fighter who winsin the final. Here, starting from the fourth place and below, the seats are distributed according to the number of victories. In the team game, the group that won the most points wins. The winner in the weight category is given two points. For the defeat - one point. If the boxer was absent or did not show up for the tournament, points are not awarded.

In the personal-team tournament, the victory depends onthe number of points scored. Winning - seven points, second place - five points, third place - 3.5 points, to the semifinals for each victory is awarded one point. With an equal number of points, the laurel of the winner is given to the team that has won more first places, and so on.

A very interesting sport is boxing. The rules of the fight allow young men to box with young men-one-year-olds. Juniors of eighteen years are allowed to take part in adult battles. Here you can play games with the same sports categories. Boxers of the first rank are allowed to fight with masters of sports, including with world leaders. In all cases, it is not allowed to conduct more than one battle per day.

In this sport are also not allowed to compete for amateurs fighters who participated in competitions of professionals.

Amateur refereeing

Any competitions and fights in amateur boxing are supervised by the panel of judges:

  • The Chief Judge oversees the implementation of all the rules of the battle and makes the final decision on all technical points.
  • The side judges assess the process of the battle and determine the outcome of the match.

In general, the official tournament is served by fivelateral judges. Three judges are allowed, but for this competition should not be higher than the regional level. The timekeeper watches the time of the battle and beats the gong. The referee informs you of the progress of the competition. The referee watches the execution of the rules by the fighters in the ring.

Judges monitor the implementation of all rules before the releaseathletes in the ring. The commandant oversees the technical and economic equipment of the match. The Russian Boxing Federation elects a technical delegate who attends those competitions where, according to their results, the fighter can receive the title of "Master of Sports of the Russian Federation".

rules of professional boxing

Duel can serve both women and men. Judges of competitions are not allowed to attend amateur fights.

In the process of working, the referee applies commands"Brack", "Stop", "Boxing". He accompanies caution with gestures understood by both judges and boxers. By the way, depending on the type of violation, the boxer can get a comment from this observer. The referee can also disqualify the offender.

Thai boxing

Well, now we'll learn the rules of Thai boxing. What is this sport? Thai boxing, or Muay Thai, is the martial art of Thailand. It originated from the ancient martial Thai craftsmanship of muay boran. This struggle is similar to other Indochinese martial arts. The term "muay" means in translation "free fight", or "duel of free".

In the present Muay Thai are fighting with their fists, andlegs and feet, and elbows, and knees: thanks to this nuance it is called "the battle of eight members." Muay Thai is not like wushu or karate. This struggle does not welcome formal complexes (kata, taolu). They are replaced by sparring, work on bags and "paws", basic bundles of two or three slaps.

rules of Thai boxing

In Thailand, this struggle gained popularity in the XVI century. It was recognized throughout the world only in the twentieth century, after the impressive victories of Thai fighters over representatives of other martial arts.

At the moment, Muay Thai is popular in Thailand: local residents even annually celebrate the Day of State Muay Thai Boxing. Outside the country, the popularity of Thai boxing is increasing until now. After all, mixed martial arts continue to develop. Namely, they intensively use Muay Thai for battle in the rack. This sport is not Olympic, but its fighters hold competitions of regional, national and international scale.

Muya Thai weight categories

According to the rules of Thai boxing, the weight categoryhas no clear boundaries. Very often a fighter can be in two weight groups. It depends on the duel and its venue. In the Russian Federation there are 12 categories from the first, the lightest, weight (from 45 kg) to the heaviest (91 kg).

The size of the ring for a fight depends on the type of combat. In fact, the rules of this sport assume that the territory of the fight of boxers should be 6-7 meters in length and width.


What is special about Thai boxing? From the weight or the match does not depend on the ammunition of the fighters. They are required to wear 10-ounce gloves. They are slightly smaller than boxing, but larger than those worn in battles without rules. Fighters should also have a protective shell, a cap. The ladies here need to wear a protective bra. It protects the breast from damage.

Forbidden Muay Thai techniques

Thai boxing is called a shock sport. Bites, seizures, and jerks are prohibited here. But the assortment of blows is enormous. Fighters can fight all parts of the body. Each type of stroke belongs to a certain subgroup. So, the slap on the hands are divided into hooks, jabs, uppercuts, swings and so on.

The kicks are divided into half-side, side, strikes from the turn (remember the legendary Chuck Norris), direct, jumping and so on.

In this struggle, some tricks are forbidden. For example, you are not allowed to hit the back of the head, to finish off your opponent, if he fell flat in the ring. Also, suffocating tricks, girths or creases by hands in the stalls are not allowed. It should be noted that, in some cases, the fighters put their heads in the cuffs and make throws. Therefore, Muay Thai is often confused with kickboxing, which is closer to battles without rules.

Russian rules

And the Russian Boxing Federation rules the competition "Boxing" released in 2012. They are approved by the decision of the Presidium of the Boxing Federation and the order of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation.

federation of boxing russia rules of competitions

This provision is made taking into account the basicrequirements of the Technical Rules and Rules of AIBA Tournaments (International Boxing Association), which came into force on 24.03.2011. They are obliged to observe all organizations that conduct battles throughout the territory of Russia. Team leaders, boxers, coaches and referees participating in fights must fulfill all approved requirements.

Women's Boxing

And what are the rules of women's boxing interesting? In reality, the rules of this sport are the same for both men and women. Combat boxer fights last ten rounds, while amateurs fight only six rounds, each of which lasts two minutes (against three minutes for men)

In addition, all athletes are required to wearspecial plastic shields, protecting the breast. The presence of such equipment determines a characteristic feature of women's boxing, where most of the cuffs are directed to the head, and the smaller part is to the body.

The main goal of the fight is to achieve a clean victory, which is received in general by usual options for boxing. In fact, the opponent's blows above the belt are neutralized, and she can not continue the fight.

If one of the warriors is knocked down and rises for a certain time, the battle will continue. The presence of a knockout automatically stops the fight prematurely.

So we figured out the rules of boxing. Hopefully, one of you now sets the goal to turn into a successful boxer or will be comprehensively watching the tournaments for your favorite fighters.

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