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Sport and fitness

In almost every country, specialTracks, on which people with pleasure skate on small and fast maps. This action was initially perceived as a hobby, but then there were international rules, classification and certain requirements. So there was a new kind of sport called "karting". Consider this hobby a little more.

carting is

A bit of history

His beginning he takes in 1934, when by effortsSeveral municipalities organized a competition on mini-cards - racing cars in which there was no motor, and they rolled down the mountain. Their speed could reach 50 km / h. Every year the popularity of this action became more and more, and the heyday came in the 50's and 60's.

Then the military pilots came up with a new kind of racing. From simple materials (engines, fuel canisters, pipes, chassis), they mounted small cars and rolled around the field in their spare time. The first card was designed by Art Ingles and was shown on races in 1956. A couple of years later, the Automobile Federation recognized that karting is a sport, created a commission and held the first competitions.

Over time, the maps became more powerful andIt's more dangerous. Unfortunately, the design did not guarantee the safety of the rider, so new models were too expensive for ordinary people, and only professionals remained in the sport.

Kinds of karting

There are 3 main groups:

  1. Rolling. This species is popular with amateurs and has no difficulties. A person comes to a special site - the kart track - passes a small instruction and receives equipment. Time is being paid, and as long as it goes, you can roll circles. Their number is limited only by abilities and skills. However, we must remember that a person is engaged in simple pokatushkami. Real karting is a serious sport.
  2. Athletic with the team. If the usual races on the cards do not suit, then you need to move to a higher level. You should find a coach and a team. They will help solve all the issues, pick up the equipment, teach you how to manage the card. Of course, all this will cost decent money and not everyone will be able to afford this.
  3. Athletic without a team. This kind of karting is suitable for professionals. Here it is necessary to take into account that the card is not designed for long use and requires frequent repairs.

Device map

These small machines can develop very high speed. It all depends on the type of engine installed and the mass of the card. Light models can accelerate above 120 km / h.

race on the cards

They consist of a frame, steering, seatand an engine that is connected to the wheels. The rear are larger in diameter than the front ones. The frame must be made of a strong material with magnetic properties. Duralumin, titanium and carbon are prohibited here.

Sports cards are structurally different fromordinary. In the rental engine is located behind, not on the right. Also in the sports carburetor engine is used and a certain transmission is installed.

Children's Karting

If parents notice that their childis interested in cars, spends little time at the computer, then, perhaps, it is worth bringing him to a special racing platform. Restrictions on the year does not exist, and the only condition must be sufficient growth to get to the pedals.

carting for children

Karting for children is widespreadand does not stand still. On the basis of some clubs special schools with training classes are created. Karting is an opportunity to feel grown-up, to smell iron and hot rubber. Experienced instructors will teach you how to drive, make the right decisions, feel the speed and bring up the desire for victory. In addition, all the muscles of the body are trained, from the neck to the legs.

Karting for children is as safe as footballor another sport. Of course, there will be scratches and bruises, but in any dynamic forms of leisure, they are also present. First, all the muscles will ache and hurt, but after a couple of workouts the body will begin to adjust.

Microcar and track correspondsafety requirements, and equipment protects against bruises. Children's cards are not so powerful, equipped with special seats and pedals. There is an opportunity for parents to ride together with their child. This will increase comfort and safety, as well as give a zest to training. Karting is a sport that will suit both children and adults.

Cost and management

For people professionally engaged in racing,go-karting is an expensive pleasure. But for fans, a small amount will suffice to spend 10 or 20 minutes on the track. Pleasure and adrenaline there can get a lot more than in the bar or at the computer. In addition, the number of circles is not fixed - you can travel a longer distance in one time interval.

carting kind of sport

The main errors are the body deflections,trajectory and braking. When turning the body, the body must be tilted outward to maximally remove the resulting slip. The trajectory should be the shortest. This will help to buy time and get ahead of the opponent.

Racing on the cards is different from driving a car. The gas lasts for as long as possible, and it is necessary to brake here sharply, rather than smoothly, as we got used to driving a car.

Kartodromy in Moscow

kartodromy in moscow
In the capital of Russia there are many places where you can take part in this sport. They are designed for both amateurs and professionals. Here is a short list of popular sites:

  1. FORZA Karting.
  2. "Silver Rain - Sokolniki".
  3. Arena GP.
  4. Le Mans.
  5. "10 inches".
  6. Arena Play.
  7. Karting-center at VDNH.
  8. Karting club "Bega".
  9. Entertaining center "Airplane".
  10. Entertaining complex "Cartland".
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