Prize-winner of international tournaments in Greco-Roman wrestling Islam Magomedov

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The winner of the largest international competitions inGreco-Roman wrestling Islam Magomedov is considered one of the most interesting and outstanding representatives in his sport. On his account medals world championships, wins in national championships, as well as a gold medal first in the history of the European Games.

Star of Bolshaya Martynovka

Member of the Russian national team in Greco-Roman wrestling IslamMagomedov, whose nationality is a Dargin, was born far from his historical homeland. Parents-Dagestanis left the republic and settled on the hospitable banks of the Don in the Rostov region. However, the passion for martial arts was, apparently, in the blood of Islam Magomedov. Greco-Roman wrestling for him was number one sport since early childhood.

Greco Roman wrestling Islam of Magomed

His favorite fighter was Islam Duguchiev. He admired his technique, honed techniques and then did not even dream that he would later become his coach. Islam Magomedov came to the sports section of Greco-Roman wrestling at the age of 12. The first coach of the boy was Boris Pavlovich Khan, who noted that the guy had a real natural gift for wrestling. Already in three years he begins to shine in youth tournaments and breaks into the national team.

First victories

His first gold medal in juniorWorld Championship Greco-Roman wrestling Islam Magomedov won in 2010 at the tournament in Budapest. A year later, he repeated his achievement in Bucharest, defeating Sandro Dihamini in a tense final fight. The transition to the adult level was for the young ambitious Magomedov rather difficult. Accustomed to winning in juniors, he met with a completely different level of resistance from the adult wrestlers.

Islam of Magomed Greco Roman wrestling nationality

However, for any other young athletethe start of a great career could certainly be recognized as successful. In 2012 he won bronze in the Grand Prix finals in Baku, regularly remained in prizes at the championships of Russia. Nevertheless, Islam Magomedov craved victories and spent days and nights in the halls to reach a new level in his development.


In 2015, the native of Bolshaya Martynovka for the first time inlife won the championship of Russia. He very emotionally met this event, expressing satisfaction that he finally lived up to the expectations of his relatives. Especially it was worth noting his victory on the way to the first gold over Magomed Kantemir and Rustam Totrov. In the first case, Islam emerged victorious from a very tough and stubborn confrontation, in which the Dargin had to leave all the forces and emotions on the carpet. With Totrov, the tactical skill of Magomedov appeared. With the coolness of a real chess grandmaster, he accurately embodied on the carpet the battle plan, developed before the start of the fight, and confidently outplayed the opponent.

Victory in the national championship allowed IslamTo take part in the largest international tournament, representing Russia. In 2015, such a tournament was the first European Games, the program of which included the Greco-Roman wrestling competition. Islam Magomedov performed well and won gold, becoming a makeweight and champion of the continent. At his first World Cup, he also fought dignifiedly and left Las Vegas with a bronze medal.

Islam Magomedov: Greco-Roman wrestling and Olympics

In 2016, the Rostov athlete for the second timein a row won the Russian championship, thus earning a ticket to the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio. However, the battle for gold turned out to be incredibly heavy and tough. In the finals of the national championship Islam met with the champion of the country in 2014 Musa Yevloyev. He fought on the brink of a foul and at some point broke his finger on the opponent's hand. However, Magomedov showed character and brought the meeting to victory.

Islam Magomedov Greco Roman wrestling Olympiad

At the Olympics, Islam was considered one of the favorites andwent to the tournament in great shape. However, already in the quarterfinals he had to meet with the strongest Turkish wrestler Chenk Ildem. It was a battle of two titans, in which none of them had an advantage. The bout ended with a score of 1: 1. However, according to the rule of priority of the last action, Ildem won. Islam is not even thirty years old, he is fast, strong and ready for new victories, which, no doubt, will come to him.

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