The ideal figure for a girl is athletic or feminine?

Sport and fitness

For a woman who adjusts her appearance toideal, sooner or later the question becomes what is the standard and what to do to achieve it. Sports figures of girls - an absolute good, because this type of build gives many advantages. Among them, and the ability to easily maintain optimal weight with minimal effort, and a quick ability to adapt to any physical exertion. But it's good, when such a physique is given by nature or acquired in the early years, thanks to competent studies in any sports section (optimal - swimming or gymnastics).

the perfect figure for a girl
It also happens that a woman in adulthood,having engaged in sports and having brought the figure in order, in search of new horizons of development starts to seriously aspire to that to change a parity of muscles and a fatty fabric in the organism. What are the pros and cons of such goals? What are the long-term consequences of uncontrolled power loads?

The ideal figure for a girl is athletic or feminine?

The key moment of a beautiful body is the optimalproportion of proportions. If it is perfect, then even the issue of size is receding into the background. For women, the well-known formula of the ratio of the waist and hips for more than a century determines which body is considered beautiful and sexy. And, if the deviation from the classical golden section in the direction of reducing the waist and increasing the hips is welcome, then the reverse is not always considered beautiful.

the most beautiful figures of girls

One of the versions according to which the ideal figure fora girl must necessarily mean subtlety and flexibility in the middle part of the body, is that the increased belly of a young lady can be subconsciously interpreted by the opposite sex as a sign of pregnancy. Another reason why it is better for women to follow the waist is that when it is wide, the proportion of the figure approaches the male and loses soft, seductive outlines. Therefore enthusiastic fans of fitness should always remember that exercises with weights for the lateral muscles should not prevail in terms of training. Otherwise, even a slight increase will lead to a disproportion. It is known that the muscles of the abdomen and adjacent areas are easiest to puff at regular sessions.

Strength and beauty - are these concepts compatible for a female figure?

sports figures of girls

For girls, the main principle of training withbarbells and dumbbells is not in the increase of strength, but in the acquisition of relief. The so-called "grinding" of the muscles occurs only when work with weights is connected to the aerobic load. An ideal figure for a girl is impossible without a good workout of the hips, buttocks and upper back. And these muscular arrays need exercises with weights. And even if the weight is small, it must be competently metered and gradually increased.

Do not be afraid of uncontrolled growth of the biceps andtriceps, because women by nature do not have a mechanism for gaining muscle mass, their hormonal background has more to increase body fat. But a very experienced athlete or a young lady with a so-called mesomorphic physique from over-intensive training can have a disproportionate increase, for example, the hips or shins.

Ballet loads for all

The most beautiful figures of girls are most often those,who are engaged in athletics, gymnastics or ballet. And the latter makes it possible at the same time to carve a fine contour of muscles and to prevent fatty deposits. For those who, in their youth, missed their chance to follow in the footsteps of the heroine of the film "The Black Swan", recently there have been created programs called body-dance or body-ballet. The dangers of enlarging the muscles with this kind of loads are not perfect. But there is an opportunity to significantly improve endurance and even improve neuromuscular coordination. The ideal figure for a girl requires considerable attention and work on oneself. In addition, it is desirable not to bend the stick in pursuit of slenderness or strength and not to reduce the results of its work to zero.

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