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For many years, hockey is the most popular winter game in all the CIS countries. For a comfortable and safe occupation of this sport, special equipment is required.

Composition of equipment

Quite often you can hear the view that for the game of hockey, lovers only need skates and putter. This is fundamentally wrong. The equipment for hockey includes both basic and optional accessories. Let's look at them in more detail.


Hockey skates should sit well on the leg,be not too heavy, and steel skates differ in strength and quality. Shoes are usually made of nylon or plastic, only in rare cases from the skin.

Hockey stick

Hockey sticks are divided into two categories-professional and amateur. The main material for professional golf clubs is lightweight wood that is covered with carbon fiber. Thanks to this technology, the sticks are not only light, but also durable. Amateur sticks are made from ordinary plywood. These sticks are of little value, but they quickly break down.


Full-fledged hockey equipment impossible without a helmet.Choosing a helmet for hockey, you should pay attention to its strength, weight and reliability of fastening. Hockey helmets should have a small weight, and the mounts are reliable and comfortable. The main material for helmets is plastic. Inside the helmet there should be a soft gasket, which is designed to absorb shock. The helmet must be carefully measured to make sure that it will be comfortable and firmly sit on the head.


The main purpose of the hockey bib -this is a reliable protection of the player's chest, his back and shoulders. The kit consists of two protectors - front and rear, as well as shoulder pads with special gaskets. When choosing a breastplate, one should remember that he must not restrain and interfere with the movements of the player, be too heavy, but at the same time he must guarantee the athlete a reliable protection against blows.


The main purpose of hockey shorts isreliable protection of the player from injuries of the hips, buttocks and cob. For the production of shorts, quality nylon is used, which has great reliability and durability. In the shorts are mounted plastic shields.


One of the most important details of hockey equipmentare gloves. Despite the fact that they look big and heavy, they, in fact, are easy and convenient. Since the gloves are composed of two parts, the player can easily expand and bend fingers.

Professional players, and often amateurs, in addition to the basic equipment can be used additional. Its main purpose is to provide better protection against injuries.

Buying, equipment for hockey should be paidattention, which firm it was made of. Since the main thing in choosing the equipment is the safety and convenience of the player, you should buy equipment from famous sports brands in specialized stores.

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