Yoga for the face: reviews. How yoga works for the face

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Maintenance of youth and beauty is often costlywomen are expensive. Yoga for the face is a simple and free tool. It not only helps to cope with stress and time pressures, but also gives a great mood. Let's get acquainted with the history of miraculous practice and a set of exercises.

What it is?

Yoga itself came to us from India. It was developed back in antiquity in order to strengthen the body. Today this trend has become widespread. The discovery of the yoga method for the face belongs to the American Annlise Hagen. In her opinion, special exercises are aimed at tightening mimic muscles and smoothing small and deep wrinkles.

Just do not confuse this complex withmimic gymnastics. The latter is a simple exercise. Practice of yoga presupposes immersion in a special state of mind, complete relaxation and tranquility.

yoga for the face reviews


In addition to the Annlise Hagen method, there is a Japaneseyoga for the face. It is designed by Fumiko Takashu (or Takatsu). The purpose of the practice is the same - to get rid of the signs of aging and improve the circulation of the cervical collar zone. However, the set of exercises and techniques for their implementation are different. The basis is mimic elements. The Japanese method is more like facial gymnastics. Its duration takes no more than 5 minutes.

Who needs it?

Yoga for the face by the method of Annlise Hagen you canpractice at almost any age. It is advisable, of course, to begin classes before the appearance of the first wrinkles. After all, the problem is easier to prevent. However, the method is recognized by cosmetologists to combat dry and loose skin, as it helps to produce collagen. It is also useful for women with fragile capillaries. Reviews of yoga for the face confirm its beneficial effect on blood circulation and vascular strengthening.

In addition, this practice helps to learncontrol emotional manifestations. It is known that active facial expression leads to the appearance of wrinkles. And yoga for facelift minimizes the work of muscles, gives them rest, teaches them to control their work and soothes them.

The range of useful actions of the method also includes stimulation of hair growth, getting rid of puffiness, removing mimic spasms and preventing eye diseases.

Yoga for the face

Important points

  • Each lesson consists of four stages: meditation, massage, self-perception techniques and complete relaxation.
  • It is necessary to be engaged in good health andan hour after eating or on an empty stomach. During practice, one should not think about extraneous things, solve pressing problems. It is recommended to get rid of the routine load as much as possible.
  • Nothing should be distracting during class and in real space. You should choose a comfortable time and place, if possible, turn off the phone and other gadgets.
  • All exercises are recommended to perform sitting, with a flat back.
  • Wash and warm up hands thoroughly before classes start. Chop your neck and shoulders. Also, with light tapping movements, go over the face and head. All this is necessary to increase blood flow.
  • Mindful concentration is very important. During practice, you need to focus on each element. To imagine that the skin is gradually smoothed, blood circulation is increased, muscles are saturated with oxygen.
  • At the end of each session it is recommended to lie down on the floor or in a sitting position to close your eyes and give each muscle, each cell on the face and neck relax. And also wish yourself a good mood.

Complex of exercises

Full yoga complex for face Annlise Hagenincludes 12 basic (basic) exercises (plus massage). In this article, they are divided into groups according to the mode of action. Classes can be general (preventive) and targeted (aimed at solving a particular problem). In any case, before starting the practice, it is better to consult a beautician or dermatologist (if there are serious skin conditions).

yoga for face rejuvenation

Correction of face contour

With age, one can observe how the corners of the lipsThe shape of the cheeks changes, the second chin appears. You can not avoid this, but you can outwit time and delay the aging process. This method is recommended to be used after 25 years.

Exercise 1. Jaws.

Open your mouth. Fix the jaws in this position and close the lips. Pull the chin forward as far as possible. Breathe quietly. Hold in this position for 5 seconds. Feel the neck tense. Now slowly move the jaw to the right and left, lingering for 3 seconds in each position. Relax. Repeat two more times.

Exercise 2. Kisses.

This simple element consists in rhythmicstretching the lips forward (as if in a kiss) and returning to the starting position. Do the exercise for a minute so that there are no wrinkles around the lips.

Exercise 3. A ball.

Fan your cheeks as much as possible. Then slowly move the indoor air clockwise. Do 5-7 turns and gently lower the "ball". Rest and repeat a few more times.

yoga for the face of exercise

Exercise 4. Fish.

Pull your cheeks and blow your lips. And now try to smile in this position. Feel the resistance of the muscles. Hold for a few seconds. Relax and repeat four more times. This exercise will remove the "hamster cheeks" and raise the tone of the muscles of the face.

Strengthening of facial muscles

This block is necessary to prevent earlywrinkles. It is recommended to perform it in the morning after waking up. To begin with, perform massage manipulations to tighten impending eyelids. To do this, use the index and middle fingers. Movements should be smooth, with light pressure. Massage the superciliary arches, following from the center to the temples.

Exercise 1. Owl.

Then place your thumb under the lower eyelid on thethe cheekbone, and the index finger between the eye and the eyebrow. Lightly press on the facial bones. Expand the eye, taking care not to damage the skin. Hold this for a minute. Then do the same with the second eye.

Exercise 2. Pose of the thinker.

Support your face with your hands and look for supportfor the chin. Slowly move the jaw right-to-left and back-to-back for two minutes. During the exercise, try to be relaxed.


This element represents more massage. Slightly pat yourself on the cheeks, head. Do not forget about the chin, using the back of your hands for this. Such manipulations activate blood flow. Do not be scared if the skin turns red.

yoga for the face of the forehead

From shallow / deep wrinkles

Particular attention in yoga for face rejuvenationis given to the problem of wrestling. Nasolabial and superciliary are the most common and deep. Therefore, in this block, exercises are collected to eliminate or smooth out these kinks.

Exercise 1. Fist.

Keep your back relaxed and straight. Pull your lips with a tube. To increase the effect, press your finger on the lips. Provide little resistance. This exercise helps to prevent / smooth wrinkles near the lips and nose.

Exercise 2. Arrow.

"Goose paws", or wrinkles around the eyes - stillone common problem of most women in their ages. To solve it, you need a piece of ice. Apply it to the corner of the eye and hold for about a minute. Breathe quietly and relax. Wrap the ice in a napkin, if, when touched with the skin, it will cause unpleasant sensations.

Exercise 3. Surprise.

Now you should pay attention to the nose and forehead. Yoga for the face for this case involves a very effective exercise. Place the index and middle fingers of both hands on the forehead. Slightly pressing, pull the skin first up, and then to the temples. Feel how wrinkles are smoothed. Relax. Hold this position for a few seconds. Relax and repeat three more times.

yoga for the face full complex

Exercise 4. The Lion.

Take a deep breath through your nose, squeeze your fistsand strain the facial muscles. Exhale through the mouth, while stick out your tongue and open your eyes as wide as possible. Press your fists. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Repeat two more times. This element helps stretch the facial muscles and relieve tension from them.

From edema

Yoga for facelift includes exercises,preventing edema. Before performing them, you need to do a massage. The area of ​​influence is the occiput. It is there, according to experts, lymph accumulates, which provides swelling in the morning. Therefore, before going to bed, you should massage this area daily.

Exercise 1. Smiles.

After awakening, sit in front of the mirror. Keep your back straight, relax. Stretch your lips in a smile for 3 minutes. Exercise slowly. It will help not only to remove puffiness, but also to restore the contour of the face.

Exercise 2. Bat.

The sides of the index fingers lightlypull the lower eyelid. And then try to resist, trying to eye muscles return the eyelid to its original position. In this tension, the eyelid should be kept for 3-5 seconds. After that, inside the eye make 10 light tremors.

yoga for the face reviews


Yoga exercises for the face in regular classeshave rather high efficiency. Just do not wait for the supernatural transformation. Remember, the earlier the fight against aging began, the longer and more noticeable will be the youth. Reviews of yoga for the person confirm that after a month of daily practice you can see the first results.

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