Secrets of successful fishing, or How to tie leashes to the main line?

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Both in summer and in winter fishing whenFishermen often use an additional leash to equip the tackle. Leashes are usually made of a fishing line with a diameter corresponding to the main line, and are attached at different distances from the devil or the bottom mormyshka. Closing the tackle in the lower part can also come forward and sinker. Now consider how to tie leashes to the main line.

how to tie leashes to the main line

Why use an additional leash?

An additional leash is used to fixadditional hooks or mormyshki on the main line. Thus, mormys and hooks can be several - that is why such tackle in many regions is called a "garland", and a tackle hung with mormyshkas is called a "locomotive". Typically, the standard leash, designed for ordinary particle fish, for example, a vobla, ram or rudd, has three hooks.

The main task of a fisherman in equipping a tackleby a branch lead - to tie it to the line with sufficient elasticity. That is, we knit the leashes to the main line so that the additional mormyshka or hook with a nozzle does not hang too close and parallel to the main line. This is a prerequisite so that they do not mess with the fishing line when fishing and posting.

we knit the leashes to the main line

What is the best way to tie an additional leash?

So, on the main line is oneloop-turn. A loop is inserted into the loop (its end), which then must be tied to the main line. After this, the end of the leash forms a half loop, parallel to the main line. The half looper should be located at the very bottom of the rig, facing the sinker or the bottom mormyshke. Now you need to make a few turns with a free end around the half loop and main line. The number of turns is determined by the diameter of the line. The free end is held in the half loop and everything is delayed. How to tie leashes to the main line with the correct ratio of speed and diameter? The average ratio can be as follows: diameter of the main forest 0.08 mm - 8 revolutions are made, and if 0.12 - 6 revolutions.

It turns out that leaving the site, the side leash toThe main line will be parallel and will go up to the fishing rod. This position of the auxiliary line in the node and will give the leash elasticity, regardless of the diameter of the forest. Of course, speech in this case is about the average length. Too long leashes can impair the effectiveness of the tackle, and all its elements will be confused.

lateral leash to the main line

Length of leash

And now we will answer the question about how to the mainTo fix the leashes to the required length. Here it should be noted that the length determines the type of fish to which it is calculated. If you plan to fish a certain species, for example, carp or bream, then the length of the leash, as well as the size and number of hooks must be specified from the fishermen of a specific locality or dig in the literature. In our case, we should get a universal leash, which is suitable for catching several varieties of fish, so the length will be optimal - 20 - 25 cm.

Is it possible and how to tie the leash to the main line, which are already provided with hooks?

Of course, the traditional option, when the endThe leash is provided with a hook after fixing to the line. But you can do the opposite - first, prepare several leashes with ready mormyshkami or hooks, and then already weave them into the main line. This will simplify the adjustment of the length of the leash.

As a result, the leash with the hook should beperpendicular to the main line. In this case, its bending down when the bait is planted (mormysh or malinka) will be insignificant, and the bait hook will not get tangled with the fishing line. The game of bait when wiring all the gear in height should be richer and more interesting, which will positively affect the increase in biting.

It is possible that the weight of the mormyshka will pull the line a littleleash, but here the main thing is that neither the leash nor the mormyshka should come into contact with it. In general, it is useful for winter fishing rods, if they are equipped with additional mormyshkami and leashes.

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