Workout for Beginners: Workout Plan

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Vorkaut is not only a set of exercises, it issome degree and way of life, rejection of bad habits and control of one's body. It's good to see when healthy guys and girls perform beautiful stunts on horizontal bars and beams! And after all, each is able to learn at least a minimum set of exercises. What is especially pleasant, all classes take place outdoors, in the open air, the body is faster saturated with oxygen. Workout for beginners is a very useful pastime, these classes will help improve coordination, endurance of the cardiovascular system and strength of grip. Exercises do not require any additional accessories or simulators, all loads go only from your own body.

Workout for beginners

Classes should be held after a thorough warm-up. At least three exercises should be done:

Workout for beginners

  1. Bend over, get your hands to the floor, sit down, raise your hands up and rise. Run 3 approaches 6-8 times.
  2. Stand in the emphasis on the hands, as if pushing, alternately pull your legs to him, pulling your knee to your forearm and placing your feet wider than your hands.
  3. Usual push-ups from the floor (in this case asphalt, earth or special coating).

Vorkaut for beginners implies thatExercises should be performed in 3 sets of 6-8 times. After warm-up, you should stretch the muscles and develop joints, because they will have to withstand considerable weight. Here are some sample vorkout exercises for beginners:

Workout exercises for beginners

  1. Smooth inclinations: raise your hands up and, bending down, reach out to the ground with your hands. It is advisable not to bend your knees, but your arms and body must be one line.
  2. Development of the ankle before jumping: one leg to be set back, hold on to the horizontal bar and curtly squat, without lifting the heels off the ground.
  3. Stand on all fours, lean on the palms, deployed fingers to themselves, then on the palms, turned in the sides by the inner part upwards; making a support on the palm, twist it around its axis.
  4. Make a bridge, tear off the heels, then put them and sit down.
  5. Choose a low horizontal bar, take a wide grip with two palms and carry the rolls under him back and forth, without lifting your wrists, but only rearranging your legs.

All stretching exercises are performed in 3 sets of 15-20 times.

Workout training for beginners
On this vorkut for beginners is not finished, we pass to the basic exercises:

  1. Hang on the bar and in the vise to perform the interceptions with the palms. Subsequently, you can add rotation of the trunk.
  2. Do full push-ups on the uneven bars.
  3. Alternate one pull-up with one push-up from the floor. To complicate the rise, you can add a coup.
  4. Crouch on one leg. First it is allowed to hold the support with two hands, then one, the most difficult - without hands.
  5. Pull on a low crossbar when your feet are on the ground. First place your arms wide, then narrow.
  6. Stand on one leg, bend the other back, pull the opposite hand to the floor, slightly squatting and bending over.
  7. Hang on your fingertips and clench your fists.
  8. Hanging, raise your legs, bend at the knee above the bar. Lower hands and torso, hanging on the hamstrings.

Vorkaut for beginners requires minimal physical preparation, so listen to the body and do as many approaches as you can perform qualitatively.

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