Robert Lewandowski and all the fun about the Bavarian nicknamed the Polish Machine Gun

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Robert Lewandowski is the name of a football player,which is now known to all fans of this football. Although he started the scorer modestly - from the youth club "Partizan", and then played in "Varsovi". Until 2010, the talented striker played in Polish clubs, but then everything changed.

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Carier start

Robert Lewandowski was born in 1988 in the capitalPoland - Warsaw. Interest in football manifested itself early, and the boy was sent to school, where he could study this sport. It was training at the club "Partizan". In general, Robert Lewandowski played for many Polish clubs: "Varsovia", "Delta", "Legia II", "Lech", "Zinch" - and in all showed himself at a decent level. Not without reason in fact in a season 2007/2008 it recognized as the best бомбардиром the Second Polish league. Then the football team registered 32 games in 21 matches.

For a long time, the striker played in his homeland. However, in 2010, on July 1, he became a player in Dortmund's Borussia, which bought the Pole for 4,750,000 euros.

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Career in Germany

The first goal for his new club Robert Levandovskyscored quite quickly - on September 19th. It was a game against Schalke 04. Then the Pole came on as a substitute at the end of the second half and after 12 minutes had already completed the goal. In the same season he became together with his new club champion of Germany.

Poles were noticed by representatives of the Munich"Bavaria". They made the bombardier a very advantageous offer. This was a terrible sleep fans of "Borussia". And it came true. In 2014, on January 4, Robert signed a five-year contract with the Munich club. And in the first game he scored a goal.

In the "Bavaria" scorer revealed in all hisbeauty. Especially in the season 2015/2016. In one match against "Wolfsburg", he scored five (!) Goals in nine minutes! The fastest penta-trick in the history of European championships! By the way, the next match after this game was a fundamental derby with "Borussia", where Robert designed two goals against the gates of his former team, which caused great discontent and condemnation from fans of "black and yellow" and admiration of the Bavarians.

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Personal life

Levandovsky Robert is a Polish footballer whois successful not only on the field, but also on the love front. This is also worth saying a few words. In general, I would like to note that the Pole comes from a sports family. Father Robert, Krzysztof, was the champion of the country in judo. In addition, he played for FC Gutnik from Warsaw. And Robert's mother is a former volleyball player who played for the Warsaw gas station club. And my sister, by the way, also went into professional sports. She played for the national U-21 national team in volleyball.

So it's no surprise with which girl she broughtthe fate of such a football player, as Levandovsky Robert. The Pole's wife is Anna Stachurskaya. And she is also an athlete! And hardly anyone can assume that this extravagant lady is the owner of the black belt in karate and the bronze medalist of the 2009 World Championship. Being already the legal wife of Robert, Anna got the first place (that is, the gold medal) at the World Karate Championship that was held in Prague.

Lewand's robert wife

So Robert is not only a good football player, but also a happy husband of a beautiful woman who understands him perfectly in terms of football and supports.

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