Which multifunctional power trainer to choose?

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A couple of decades ago, a power simulatorcould only be seen in the fitness club and gym. However, today everything has changed. You can now load the body without leaving the walls of your dwelling. Using a multifunctional power simulator for the home, it's really possible to make your figure fit and beautiful.

Reason for popularity

Multifunctional power simulator for home inlately has enjoyed increasing demand from consumers. This shell is of interest to people who have a busy schedule, which does not allow them to use the services of a fitness club or sports hall, but aspiring to look no worse than professional athletes.

multifunctional power trainer

By releasing a multifunctional power trainer, manufacturers of sports equipment can solve this problem.


The one who purchased a multifunctional powersimulator for the home, has already realized that the advantages of this sports equipment justify all the costs of its acquisition. The advantage, above all, is that you do not have to spend money on attending fitness clubs. Do not need classes in the gym. However, it is worth remembering that multifunctional shells can only support the figure and eliminate unnecessary kilograms. To pump the muscles of athletes, they are not suitable. Professional athletes can use such simulators only in those days when they do not have the opportunity to visit the gym.

power trainer multifunction hitler

Another advantage of multifunctionalcomplex is its compactness. The projectile will save space in your home, since it contains from three to five combined simulators. Each of them is designed to develop different muscle groups. So, in one set can be:

  • cycle and rowing machine;
  • Treadmill;
  • power bench;
  • vibro-massager, etc.


Integrated power trainer is a universal tool that allows you to develop each of the main muscle groups of the human body. Basic exercises include:

  1. Giving your hands. With the help of this exercise, large and small pectoral muscles develop, extensors of the forearm, as well as front fascicles attributed to the deltoid muscle.
  2. Thrust by hand. This exercise allows you to develop the dorsal muscles.
  3. Working out the biceps. This exercise is intended mainly for men only. However, some women prefer to have a bumpy, elastic and round biceps.
  4. Work with the outer surface of the thighs. Such an exercise is very important for women who are predisposed to cellulite.
  5. Extension of legs. Performing this exercise allows you to give the maximum load to the muscles located on the front of the thighs. At the same time, the legs acquire a beautiful relief appearance. Both men and women can perform this exercise.
  6. Rowing while standing. Such an exercise is designed to provide stress on most muscles of the human body. The complex effect makes it possible to consider it aerobic.

Strength simulator is a multi-functional exercise that allows you to perform on a large number of muscles.

simulator power multi-function butterfly

This load significantly increases the energy consumption, which contributes to the formation of an ideal figure.

Load Characteristics

Multifunctional sports equipment arevery efficient and convenient to use. They allow for a wide range of changes in the load. It is easy enough to choose it yourself, depending on the preparedness, type of exercise and the degree of fatigue.

Loads that can be used on an integrated simulator are divided into two types. It:

  1. Gravitational. It is realized when lifting a certain mass of cargo.
  2. Elastic-resistive, created by stretching elastic elements.

Choosing a multifunctional simulator

The benefits of integrated models for home workouts are known to many. But what to pay attention to when choosing a particular model, not everyone knows.

avon power multifunction simulator

The one who decided to buy for home workoutsmultifunctional power trainer, should be guided by some criteria for the evaluation of a sports projectile. First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of the classes. Anyone who wants to simply get rid of extra pounds and maintain their body at the proper level, may not acquire a simulator that has a fabulous price. For such customers, devices are recommended that include:

  • stand for pressing;
  • blocks for straightening and pulling.

After the final goal becomes clear,It is worth assessing your financial capabilities. Everyone should clearly determine for himself how much he is willing to pay for a multifunctional simulator. If there is not much money, it is enough to purchase a set of bars and a bar or weights with dumbbells. The exercises performed with these power tools will also be useful for eliminating excess weight.

multi-functional power trainer from eivon

Further it is necessary to be defined with a brand. In this case, it is worth remembering that the high-profile name of the company significantly increases the cost of the goods it produces.

Going to the sports goods store, it is worth trying outdifferent models of simulators. Only in this case you will be able to assess the comfort, as well as the strength of the projectile you liked. In this case it is desirable to stop the choice on models capable of withstanding 120-135 kilograms of the user's weight. This indicator will speak about the strength of the entire structure.

The simulator "Butterfly"

Such a sports projectile is aa bench divided into a seat and a backrest, as well as two special working parts, on which hands are laid. The system is driven by a cable-roller system.

How to use a power trainermultifunctional "Butterfly"? The trainer, sitting on the seat, tries to move back and forth the working parts of the sports equipment. All this resembles a waving butterfly wings (hence the name of the simulator). Moving of the working part of the projectile takes place along a fixed trajectory. Thanks to this, when performing exercises, the trainee does not have any problems.

People can work on the simulator "Butterfly"any gender and age. Especially useful is this sports equipment for those who are engaged in boxing or gymnastics, tennis or baseball. To practice all of these sports requires a well developed upper part of the muscles. It will allow you to make a strong punch with a racket or bat, and also perform any gymnastic exercises.

Choose the simulator "Butterfly" for yourself only in specialized sports stores. Here you can see a wide range of sports equipment and get competent advice from sellers.

When choosing a simulator, it is necessary to test it inaction. As for the sports projectile "Butterfly", it is worth paying attention to the fact that the rotation of the power unit in it should be at the same level with the shoulder joint of the trainee.

Choosing a model for the house, you should determine and its size. Even before going to the store, you need to allocate a certain area for the simulator in the apartment, in order to know in advance all the parameters of the purchase.

multi-functional power trainer

One of the important points in choosing a simulator will be the quality of its manufacture. The higher it is, the more smooth and natural movements the whole system performs.

Pay close attention when buying the basic characteristics of the material from which the simulator is made, and also check the cables and the stability of the cable, handles, bearings and seat.

Avon equipment

Multifunctional simulator from Avonrefers to the sporting shells of the new generation. The acquisition of this equipment will give a unique chance to many women who dream of elasticity of the chest and raised hips without performing debilitating exercises.

Very convenient and compact is produced by the companyAvon is a multi-functional power trainer. It is quite simple to use, but at the same time very effective. With its help, you can train all muscle groups. The relief after training is given to the biceps and legs, arms and shoulders, press and upper back. At the same time, excellent results are possible with classes of 20-30 minutes during the day.

Equipment from Kettler

A great popularity among consumers enjoyspower training simulator multifunctional "Ketler". This is a sports projectile consisting of a bench on which bench press is done, and a power complex. With the help of such a simulator all the muscles of the human body are strengthened.

Strength Multifunctional Exerciser

The main feature of the Ketler sports equipmentconsists in the combination of the use of a power complex with free weight. The weight is the discs for the rod, having a diameter of 25 mm. The maximum exercise load is 60 kg.

Such a simulator is quite suitable for training inhome conditions. When buying it, pay attention to the backrest for bench press. Conveniently, it can be adjusted in height. The position of the pens also changes in this sporting device. They move along the length and the vertical, which allows them to achieve their most convenient location.

The amateur equipment

And what about those who do not have financialopportunities for buying a universal sports complex? Then you can make a multi-functional power trainer with your own hands from improvised materials. It is quite feasible to build a sports projectile from chipboard and debris of boards, scraps of metal pipes, insulation materials, an unnecessary wooden interior door, etc. Bags of canvas or coarse cloth filled with gravel or sand can serve as a load for inflating the muscles of the arms and legs.

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