How to prepare a protein cocktail at home?

Sport and fitness

Active training takes a lot of energy, andthe body experiences stress. After heavy loads the body needs useful substances and microelements. To avoid the process of catabolism (destruction of muscle mass), it is necessary to consume proteins and fats, carbohydrates, microelements and vitamins in a timely and competent way.

Regardless of what is the goal - a set of muscle mass, weight loss or maintaining a tone - so that the muscles recovered qualitatively and the growth of their mass began, the building material is needed.

Why do I need a protein mixture?

Protein cocktail

Protein cocktail - ready mix with highprotein content and useful trace elements. There are many brands of sports nutrition supplying protein. These mixtures are easy to carry, easy to use.

With intensive training, nutrition takesa special place in the daily routine of the athlete. A large amount of food is difficult to consume. Here protein shakes come to their aid. Drink easier to drink and it is more quickly digested.

But does the manufacturer always meet the requirements? Does the protein content on the label correspond to the actual amount? Producers argue that all elements are synthesized from natural products. You can argue long about the pros and cons of sports nutrition, but one is true - you can prepare a protein cocktail at home. If you try, then it will not be inferior to the well-known brands.

Pros of a prepared home of protein cocktail

Apple Protein

The home version of sports nutrition is easy to cook in any kitchen. It is enough to have a blender at hand. In addition, there are undeniable advantages:

  1. Natural products. Everything is prepared from fresh and useful ingredients, without the use of chemical components.
  2. Availability. Ingredients for mixtures can be bought in any supermarket.
  3. Saving. To provide the body with protein does not need mountains of gold. The main components are products available to all segments of the population.
  4. Taste. Depending on your mood, you can prepare various variations of cocktails. The addition or exclusion of individual constituents can completely change the taste of the finished mixture.
  5. Caloric value. Depending on the pursued goal, you can independently change the nutritional value.

It is sad, but there are also cons:

  1. Time. To prepare a cocktail, you need to visit the store. Plus mixing itself takes a little time.
  2. Equipment. Not all houses have a blender.

Minuses less, in comparison with the pluses theyare insignificant. You can buy a blender without spending a lot of money. And time will pay off by the use of natural products. It should be taken into account that self-cooked drinks will never be assimilated as quickly as purchased powders. Cocktails based on cottage cheese, on the contrary, will saturate the body for several hours. For some it's a minus, for someone - a plus.

Basic Ingredients for Protein Blends

The main sources of protein

All components can be found in any supermarket at affordable prices:

  1. Cottage cheese. The main product for those who wish to prepare a home-made protein shake. The protein in the curd is casein, which contributes to the saturation of the body. Preferably use non-fat or low-fat varieties. But if the daily diet is low in fatty foods, then home-made fatty cottage cheese.
  2. Eggs. Chicken protein is one of the most qualitative and easily digestible. You can find it on the shelf in any store. Yolk is also incredibly useful, because it contains useful fats. 3-4 yolks completely cover the daily fat rate. If there is a fear of salmonella, then you can use quail eggs. Their price is slightly higher, but the useful substances there are several times larger.
  3. Banana. A fruit standing on top for people doing sports. Give a cocktail of sweetness. Plus - the calorie content of the banana is quite high, which contributes to additional saturation. Also contains potassium, which is needed to reduce muscle fiber.
  4. Honey. A well of useful microelements. The value of this product is known to all. Just a couple of teaspoons will make a home-made protein shake sweet and useful. And in the cold season protects against colds.
  5. Jam. Natural syrup for sports mixture. Adding jam, the product will become sweeter, and the confidence in its usefulness will not be lost. However, it is worth remembering that any jam contains sugar, so you need to use this product moderately.
  6. Oat flakes. A clean and healthy carbohydrate that will add energy to the composition. It is worth using only large-grain, not processed varieties.

How can I make a protein cocktail at home? Just put the necessary products in a blender, pour milk, juice or yogurt, and whip.

Cocktails for a set of pure muscle mass

apple cocktail

For people who want to lose weight, they need carbohydrate-free mixtures. However, the protein itself is extremely needed, that the body lost weight only by burning fat, and not muscles.

Here are some variants of such mixtures. They contain a high percentage of protein, low-calorie and have a low glycemic index, which excludes excess weight gain.

Orange and curd cocktail with nuts

It is possible to prepare at home a protein shake for muscle growth with an unusual combination of the taste of orange and dairy products, resulting in an acidic-sweet mixture.


  • milk - 150 ml;
  • orange juice - 150 ml;
  • cottage cheese - 200 g;
  • banana - 1 piece;
  • honey - 30 g;
  • nuts.

If the milk is poorly absorbed by the body, itscan be replaced by soy. It is best to use pasteurized. Fat does not matter much. Honey will add sweetness and add useful trace elements. If the diet does not allow fast carbohydrates in any form, then the banana can be removed. Nuts will saturate the mixture with useful fats.

All ingredients should be placed in a blender and beat in turbo mode. The product contains a large portion of protein and nutrients. The volume is small, which does not overload the digestive system.

Total: protein - 40 grams, carbohydrates - 30 g, fats - 5 g.

Egg protein cocktail with banana

Banana cocktail

This is a light cocktail, the basis of which servesegg white. Contains high protein content, pleasant to taste. In addition, very quickly absorbed, as eggs - one of the best quality proteins. Also worth noting is its availability.

You can consume such a protein shake fora set of muscle mass at home during the day, but is undesirable before or after training. At such times the body needs a carbohydrate, which is almost absent in the mixture.


  • egg chicken - 3 pieces;
  • banana - 1 piece;
  • milk - 300 ml;
  • honey - 2 teaspoons.

Banana can be removed. Just remember that his presence makes the cocktail much sweeter. You do not need to remove yolks, as fats are necessary for the body. You can add a little vanilla ice cream. This will make the taste more pleasant, but add a few calories.

Total: protein - 35 grams, carbohydrates - 20 g.

Cocktails for weight gain

Vanilla Protein

To add muscle volumes to the shortestthe body needs to consume a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, which are responsible for providing energy to all processes in the body. Carbohydrates should have a low glycemic index. In other words, slow, not fast. Sugar and other sweets are also needed (for brain work and fast energy), but their number must be strictly controlled.

The slow carbohydrates include cereals (rice,buckwheat, oatmeal, etc.). It is oatmeal flakes that are perfect for making home protein shakes for mass gathering. Oatmeal should be whole-grain and not thermally processed.

Standard protein-carbohydrate cocktail

Variations can be many. Here is the simplest:

  • egg - 3 pieces;
  • oatmeal - 100 g;
  • banana - 1 piece;
  • milk - 300 ml.

Eggs will give the necessary protein and fats. Oatmeal will provide energy. The banana will give sweets and densities.

Total: protein - 40 g, carbohydrates - 150 g.

Carbohydrate dessert with oatmeal

To prepare a home-cooked recipe for a protein cocktail at number 2, you will need ice cream.

  • cottage cheese - 200 g;
  • milk - 300 ml;
  • oatmeal - 150 g;
  • ice cream - 150 g.

Milk cocktail, containing a large portion of protein and carbohydrates, resembles dessert to taste.

Total: protein - 45 g, carbohydrates - 200 g.

It should be remembered that cocktails with highthe content of carbohydrates will be especially useful before and after training. Before loads, a large intake of carbohydrates will supply the body with the necessary energy. If you drink this mixture immediately after classes, it will make up for the spent glycogen reserves, and help in the shortest time to build the desired muscles.

Whether it is necessary to drink protein cocktails

Banana cocktail

The answer is unequivocal - yes. Protein is extremely important for both training people and ordinary people. So why not make its reception tasty and useful? With the blender, a variety of mixes are available. Simplicity in preparation, use and accessibility are weighty arguments for home-protein mixtures.

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