Exercises for twine: we knead muscles

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The ability to easily sit on the twine cannot everyone boast. It really is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Muscles in such exercise undergo a tremendous load and should be well prepared so that a person does not seriously injure himself until tissue is ruptured.

Exercises for twine - this is the kind of preparatoryphysical exercises that will warm up the muscles before full stretching. They are available to anyone who wants to simplify their task without spending too much time on complex complex activities in specialized centers. They will help improve the flexibility of the body as a whole, as well as accelerate the process of blood circulation in tissues. This will help get rid of the unpleasant sensations that can arise during the performance of quality twine.

Exercises for twine are of several types andthey tend, as a rule, to increase the load on the muscles. Do not start immediately with the most difficult, as this can be harmful to physical health. It is better to perform all gradually and correctly distribute the load on the tissues. Only in this case the process does not seem to you to be anything complicated or unpleasant. So, twine, exercises and their correct order.

First level. Heating exercises for twine

It is very important to properly warm up the muscles. It is the initial stage that lays a good and competent preparation of all tissues and tendons for further stretching. This is suitable for almost any standard exercises, which in combination with light dance aerobics will quickly help to achieve the desired effect. Turn on energetic music and for at least 10 minutes make methodical movements, including body twists at 90 degrees, wide flops with straight legs. All this must be done in such a way that the back remains straight, and the pelvis is still. Here you can include lessons on the treadmill, as well as an exercise bike.

Exercises for the second level twine. Stretching legs

Already after the muscles have acquired sufficientsoftness and elasticity, you can safely proceed with their further stretching. Sit flat on the floor, connect your legs and straighten them in front of you. Gently bend over and try to reach the legs as far as possible with straight hands. Do not try to do it abruptly, such exercises will be effective only in a consistent and soft order. Breathe deeply and correctly: with an inclination dial up the full chest of air, at a straightening deeply exhale.

Third level. Exercises for twine: squats

One of the simplest tricks in warm-up issquats. But in this case it is also very effective. Squatting on your knees, try to keep your balance. In this case, the back must remain straight. Connect the legs together.

You can crouch with one hand on the table. In this case, repeat the exercise alternately for each side of the trunk. Breathe deeply and rhythmically, watch the pace of heartbeats.

Duration of the exercises

It is not necessary to hope that after a few daysyou with the ease of a professional gymnast will be able to stretch your legs parallel to the floor. Everything will depend only on your diligence, perseverance and the state of muscle mass. On average, a set of training exercises will have to be done for 2-3 weeks. Only after that it will be possible to make an attempt to perform the twine. Do this slowly and carefully, listen to the sensations. In case of severe pain, stop the session immediately and follow the first warm-up level.

Sit on the twine follows, alternately moving the right and left legs. Support the support of the body with your hands, which should be lowered to the floor.

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