Gym (Dnepropetrovsk): the list of the best, contacts and reviews

Sport and fitness

Healthy lifestyle today is becoming more and morepopular. In the minds of modern man, the images given by the nineties - about binging life, parties and drinking - are gradually changing. The ideal for imitation are beautiful and successful people, fit, properly eating and playing sports. It is very encouraging that young people spend more time on sports grounds, rather than in bars. And today we will try to find the best gym. Dnepropetrovsk is a modern city, which means there are a lot of offers. Highly specialized, women's and men's, family-type gyms - among such diversity, you will definitely find your own.

gym Dnepropetrovsk

Fitness Space Human

Today we do not consider small householdsclubs - they are directed exclusively at the surrounding housing estate, where everyone knows about them. However, we were very interested in this gym (Dnepropetrovsk). Fitness space Human is a unique place for the whole family. You no longer have to look for options with whom to leave the children. Even if you visited dozens of sports clubs, you probably have not met anything like this.

This is a completely new format. In a modern four-story building of 5000 square meters. m there are more than 10 zones for your rest and health. This gym is located (Dnepropetrovsk) at the address: Ilyich ave. 20A. Tel .: +38 (068) 942-42-42). The road there takes only a few minutes from the center.

nautilus gym Dnepropetrovsk


Even if your family has people who areavoid sports loads, then they will find entertainment to their liking. The local gym (Dnepropetrovsk) is equipped with the most popular simulators of the world-famous brand of sports equipment TECHNOGYM. You will find a unique fitness space filled with a cardio theater and self-zones.

But this is not all. You can visit the best fitness programs, including fashion trends - yoga, pilates, play tennis or football, visit the SPA and the swimming pool. Women will certainly appreciate the services of cosmetologists, and kids will be delighted with children's programs with an individual coach.

Reviews about the center are very good. There is everything you want here. And besides, the room is clean, the administration is polite, and the coaches are real professionals.

Territory of Sports "Nautilus"

But we go further, as it is required to tellstill about a large number of excellent sports clubs. "Nautilus" - a gym (Dnepropetrovsk), which won the hearts of many athletes. In fact, this is a developed network, which allows everyone to choose a center closer to home. Judging by the reviews, this is an excellent place for pastime, not only with pleasure, but also with benefit.

The hall is a large, spaciousa room designed for comfortable and quality workouts. Pleases modern equipment, friendly staff and convenient location. And each of the branches of the network offers its services, so choose your "Nautilus".

Gym (Dnepropetrovsk) along the street. Heroes, 1M - a spacious gym and cardio zone, as well as a sports bar. Here you can practice daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. On Saturday, the evening hours are reduced to 20:00, and on Sunday - until 17:00.

Exercise room


There is another "Nautilus" (gymnastic) in the cityhall, Dnepropetrovsk). Kalinovaya, 8 D is the exact address by which you can find it. Here you will find a spacious gym and cardio zone, as well as a mixed martial arts hall. Finally, the last branch is located at Nab. Factory, 97 D.

It is most convenient to attend a sports hall, acquiringmonthly subscription. There are only two types. One operates from 8:00 to 15:00 and costs 200 UAH for 10 lessons, and the second - from 8:00 to 22:00, and costs 40 UAH more. There are subscriptions unlimited, which cost 280 UAH. For students and schoolchildren a 30% discount is provided. If you want to use the services of a coach, then one personal training costs 120 UAH.

Mixed Martial Arts Hall invites you to mastermartial arts. The cost of monthly training with a coach is 3000 UAH, if you are doing it yourself, then 180 UAH. As you can see, a fairly wide range of services is presented to you by the Nautilus (Dnepropetrovsk, Kalinovaya). The gym is waiting for you every day, regardless of the time of year or holidays.

gym Dnepropetrovsk left bank

Gym "Sunny"

Modern life assumes almost completelack of physical activity. We sit at work, have a snack, do not look up from the computer, and then we return home and watch TV. Such a rhythm of life does not promote health and well-being. If you decide that you need to change something, then welcome to the "sunny" gym (Dnepropetrovsk, Left Bank). It is located at: Lyubarsky, 8. Tel .: (050) 667-63-41.

This sports club is known for its affordable prices. There are season tickets for family and students, a day off. A variety of programs help to introduce children to the sport and give joy to pensioners, that is, you can take with you all the family members. You are waited here daily from 9:00 to 22:00. Monthly subscription starts from 240 UAH.

Reviews emphasize that this is in facta real family recreation center. After the gym you can relax in the billiard room and visit the masseur, go to the solarium and have a cup of tea in the cafe. But most of all regular customers like the abundance of programs for children. This sports acrobatics, choreography and hand-to-hand combat.

Dnipropetrovsk canoe gym

Fitness club F3

This is another beautiful center on the Left Bank,located at the address: Slobozhansky Avenue, 76 A. The administrator can call the contact number 067-533-75-33. The gym here meets the highest standards, even seasoned athletes rate it very high. They assure that training here is a quality set of muscle mass, a reduction in body volume and good health, as well as a huge amount of energy.

However, the hall is not the only service of this center. There is an excellent massage room, a solarium and a Finnish sauna, a fitness bar.

gym Dnepropetrovsk victory

Fitness center "Voskhod"

The name is very symbolic, because the thoughtTo enroll in a sports center is often the beginning of a new life. It is very good if this gym becomes your choice (Dnepropetrovsk, Victory, 51). It is large and spacious, conquers its visitors with views of the river. The area of ​​the center is about 300 square meters. m, and the hall is equipped with the latest equipment. These are the simulators of the company PANATTA SPORT, which is one of the five leaders in the production of sports equipment.

For the whole family

This is a club for women and men, children and adolescents,amateurs and professionals. Regardless of age, features of the figure and state of health, personal trainers will help to achieve the set goals. In the club daily classes are conducted on fitness and tennis, swimming and martial arts, football, and in each of these areas there are groups for children of different age groups. This is very popular among the adherents of a healthy lifestyle, because it gives the opportunity to spend time with the whole family.

And for the smallest children here is openroom. The club is open daily from 07:00 to 22:00. Whatever your working schedule, the rhythm of life and the daily routine, here you can study at a convenient time.

avatar dnepropetrovsk gym

Sports center "Avatar"

And we decided to finish the most interesting,A modern, young, but very popular place in the city. Of course, this is "Avatar" (Dnepropetrovsk) - a gym that everyone likes. And it's no accident. The creators of the sports center tried to make it all the best for regular visitors. You are offered modern air conditioning and designer interior design, the entire line of unrivaled simulators and affordable prices. The center is located at: ul. Moscow, 4. It occupies the second and third floors.

Here you will find a gym forindependent work. You can train in the presence of a professional trainer. There is a separate room for group training. And if you want to find harmony in yourself, then welcome to the unique section of Indian dance, yogapilates and fitness.

This center is designed mainly for adults,so children will have to find other entertainment for this time. However, the reviews about him are very good. Here there are polite staff and professional coaches who will not leave you alone. Under the strict guidance your figure will change before your eyes, and with it to grow self-esteem and self-confidence.

Whichever club you choose, the most important thing is to visit it regularly. The first two or three months of adaptation, but then you no longer want to give up sports loads.

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