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Yoga - a set of health practices,having a long history and philosophy. One of these is the dance of caauschiki. Reviews about him gain weight. Let's get acquainted with the theory of dance, its impact on the mind and body of man. And what do ordinary people who practice this dance think?

kausika dance reviews


The Hindu religion is based on the divinetriad. It is composed of the gods Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. The latter personifies cosmic consciousness. Its element is the fire, which symbolizes the male principle. To fulfill his divine mission, Shiva dances tandava. These energetic movements in a certain rhythm have long been picked up by adherents of yoga and turned into a special male dance. It is a kind of ritual of spiritual enlightenment and harmonization of internal energy.

Expert reviews of the Kaushiki dance say that heis a kind of answer or addition of tandava. After Kaushiki - a dance for women, although sometimes performed by young men. It was created by the Indian guru Baba (or Sri Sri Anandamurti) in 1978.

The name of the new practice comes from the word,Sanskrit sounding like "kosh", which means a layer of reason or an inner "I". According to the philosophy of dance, he is called upon to develop, enlighten the woman's mind, to help her reach the macrocosm, to make the mind sharper and stronger. Hence, professional reviews about yoga dance of caushiki are formed, in which it is written that this is primarily a psycho-spiritual practice.

kausiki dance reviews


But, of course, it has a wellnessEffect. Quite often caushics are called a panacea for all female and some male diseases. Great influence of this dance on the nervous system. According to reviews, the dance of caauschik relieves of sluggishness and insomnia, hysteria and various phobias. Regular practice of it helps self-expression and creative development, suppresses complexes and self-doubt. In the list of positive influences, nervous exhaustion, and neuralgia, with which the caousica dance also helps, have fallen.

Testimonials of practitioners call it comprehensive.Since this rhythmic exercise positively affects the endocrine, osteoarticular, digestive and genitourinary systems. It strengthens all the glands in the female body, regulates their secretion and fights against obesity. People suffering a stroke, suffering from arthritis and gout, caushiki helps to remove inflammation, reduce pain and learn to control the work of the limbs.

It is noteworthy that women can dance iteven during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. The effect also extends to the relief of labor. And for men this yoga practice helps in the treatment of dropsy testicular and inflammation of the urethra.

And, finally, reviews about the dance kaushiki celebraterejuvenating effect. Regular practice contributes to inhibition of aging processes, smooths wrinkles, cleanses the liver, the body as a whole and helps to bring the figure back to normal, get rid of excess kilograms. In modern India, this dance is sometimes performed by girls at special concerts.

dance caoushiki reviews of people


Kaushiki consists of only 18 movements.They are repeated for 21 minutes. It is necessary to allocate such time once a day for dance practice. Movement is required to perform in one rhythm. As a musical accompaniment, a mantra is performed by the guru himself. It is called Baba Nam Kevalam. In parallel with the dance movements in the human mind, there must be an ideation, or the creation and retention of imagery.

According to the reviews, the caushika dance has a clearan algorithm that can not be violated. First, practitioners perform Namaskar-mudra (that is, greeting). To do this, you just need to stand up straight and connect your hands over your head. Then the dancers begin to move in the rhythm of the mantra. They, like pendulums, move to the right and left, slightly "tapping" with stops (more precisely the thumb on the floor behind the heel of the other leg). It is necessary to create an image in your head and try to keep it to the end of the dance.

Every movement is meaningful and hasits verbal interpretation. For example, the first gesture, when the hands are raised above the head and connected by the palms, can be translated as: "I establish a connection with the Higher Consciousness". In this case we are talking about the Cosmos, the Universe. It is he who helps to find a balance between the outer and inner worlds, the micro- and the macrocosm. The kicks are a kind of semantic continuation of each movement and read this way: "Because I live in Your rhythm."

dance of caouses who dances reviews


Then follow the slopes to the right and left.Each includes three parts, that is, a gradual change in angle. Moving in the rhythm of the mantra, a person tilts gradually by 45 degrees in three stages (discretely by 15 degrees) and returns back to two. In the verbal interpretation this movement sounds like this: "I know how to look for You." This is an open message to the universe preceding it.


Now follows the movement in the opposite direction.It is an exact reflection of the previous one. And symbolizes the harmony, the unity of the energies of Yin and Yang. In Hindu culture (as in many others), a woman is the beginning of life. Motherhood is her true destiny.

That is why people's comments about the Kaushiki dancenote that the practice is female. It is called to awaken the energy of Yin, to develop it and connect it with the energy of Yang. At the physical level, the dance creates all the necessary conditions for the fertility of women.

dance kaushiki real people reviews


Tilting forward is the next movement in the dance.It should also occur at an angle of 45 degrees (in two stages there and in one - back). You can keep your hands in front of you. The slope shows respect and love for the universe and is translated like this: "I bow to You." During the ideals, many women represent a loved one. Thus, they connect their energy with the energy of a man. In part this is the right approach. Since each person is the creation of the universe, and, therefore, its image is present in each of us.


And, finally, you need to tilt back (how muchallows flexibility) and return to the starting position. In this case, one should keep in mind the thought "I will overcome all obstacles on the way to You". This is a kind of self-training, the final point, which serves as a psychological setting for a person. Therefore, in consciousness, it must "sound" clearly and confidently. The upper body on returning to the original position should always be kept straight: from the chest to the fingers.

yoga dance caushika reviews


Today, the number of women and men wholike this amazing practice, is increasing. Everyone is healthy who dances the caousik dance. The feedback of these people, naturally, contributes to the dissemination and strengthening of this practice in Russia. It is noteworthy that the implementation of the dance takes only 21 minutes, so it can be combined with other yoga lessons. In addition, when performing the practice, a person does not experience great physical exertion.

He can relax and recharge himselfpositive energy. In order not to become a victim of advertising, it is better to see real people's feedback about the caushiki dance, which can be found on special forums. As it turned out, not everyone liked this practice. Some people saw it as a waste of time and money.

However, there are women who, indeed,felt the beneficial effect of the dance. In the opinion of the instructors themselves, caauschiki is a very easy practice in practice. It can easily be learned at home. But whether she will like it and whether she will regularly "dance" - an individual decision of each.

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